10.2.2 ist jetzt tatsächlich da !!!!!!!

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  1. timmra

    timmra New Member

  2. macixus

    macixus Hofrat & Traktorist

    YEP! Danke!!

    (24,4 MB)
  3. billy idol

    billy idol New Member

    und? gut? oder besser gesagt: besser?
  4. Rotweinfreund

    Rotweinfreund + Jevers Liebhaber

    ...wirst wohl keine Antwort bekommen: alle sind jetzt am Saugen! :))
  5. billy idol

    billy idol New Member

    ich doch auch! kanns kaum mehr aushalten, GOTT, ist das spannend...
  6. curious

    curious New Member


    echt neugierig*

  7. billy idol

    billy idol New Member

    ferrrrttttigggggg! und neustart... bin gleich wieder da....
  8. charly68

    charly68 Gast

    alles beim alten, du wirst es nicht merken das sich was geändert hat. ausser die version nr. von x :)
  9. curious

    curious New Member

    the cure'

  10. macixus

    macixus Hofrat & Traktorist

    So, gesaugt und problemlos installiert.

    Paar Infos:
    Das 10.2.2 Update enthält Verbesserungen und Funktionserweiterungen zu folgenden Programmen und Diensten: Adressbuch, iChat, IP Firewall, Mail, Print Center, Rendezvous, Sherlock und Windows File Services. Das Update enthält auch die aktualisierten Komponenten des Security Updates 2002-09-20.

    Weitere Informationen zu diesem Update finden Sie im Internet unter

    = Build 6F21
  11. gelu56

    gelu56 New Member

    THE CURE ist immer noch klasse!
    Und OS X 10.2.2 gibt es ja auch &
    Viel Spass damit &
  12. billy idol

    billy idol New Member

    dem ist nichts hinzuzufügen, meine euphorie weicht der ernüchterung ;-)
  13. quick

    quick New Member

    keine probleme (Mac OS X 10.2.2 (6F21) ...
  14. Macfanatic

    Macfanatic New Member

    Meine Fresse, seid ihr drauf! ;-)
  15. morty

    morty New Member

    und mir sagt keiner etwas :-(
  16. billy idol

    billy idol New Member

    wir wollten deinen biergenuss ja nicht stören...
  17. morty

    morty New Member

    hab noch eine gefunden, dann ist aber Schluß mit Köpifusel, dann gibts wieder lecker Alt :)

    und proast
  18. quick

    quick New Member

    s date column and thread highlighting feature.
    * Improves the reliability of transitioning a Mac OS X 10.1.5 Address Book.addressbook to an Address Book for Mac OS X 10.2 format.
    Application Enhancements

    * Improves compatibility for Microsoft PowerPoint presentations that use animations.
    * Addresses a potential Disk Copy volume imaging permissions issue that could affect non-Admin users.
    * Improves updating of applications installed with Mac OS X, updating them only if they have not been relocated or deleted.
    * Addresses a display issue that may occur when Command-clicking a URL in some third-party applications, including BBEdit and Mailsmith.
    * Addresses a situation in which the menu bar and Dock are not shown, after quitting a third-party game application, until the desktop is clicked.
    * Addresses an issue in which some PDF files created within Mac OS X do not open as expected with Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.
    * Reduces occurrences of "missing text" when browsing some web pages.
    * Improves compatibility for FAXstf when a fax is being sent while the computer is restarted, shut down, or entering sleep mode.
    Other Enhancements

    * Provides a foundation for the journalling filesystem (JFS), which may currently be enabled via Disk Utility on Mac OS X Server systems.
    * Improves security when using a read-write disk image volume in which "Ignore ownership on this volume" has been deselected.
    * Addresses an issue in which automatic Software Update notifications are turned off when upgrading from Mac OS X 10.1 to Mac OS X 10.2.
    * Addresses an issue in which, after upgrading to Mac OS X 10.2, an unexpected value in a user's com.apple.LaunchServices.plist file could prevent proper startup.
    * Addresses a potential kernel panic situation when using three video cards and more than 512 MB of RAM.
    * Addresses a potential issue in which an unauthorized user could log in as a deleted user.
    * Improves the Find function of the Finder by no longer finding items in invisible folders.
    * Reduces the time required for switching between Sherlock channels when using a low-bandwidth connection
    * Sherlock channels may now be saved as a file.
    * Allows automatic login to work as expected following an Archive and Install.
    * Improves time needed to wake some portable computers.
    * Addresses a potential loss of video when waking some PowerBooks from sleep after using DVD Player.
    * Addresses a potential issue in which the computer does not respond when quitting DVD Player on some portable computers.
    * Includes Apache version 1.3.27.
    * Addresses a potential security issue in which access to system daemons could be blocked when RFC-based services are enabled.
    Product Description:
    Referred to by its code name, Jaguar, Mac OS X v10.2 is a different breed of operating system. Jaguar combines the rock-solid reliability of UNIX with the ease of use of Macintosh. This version of Mac OS X is as innovative as the computers that run it. And whether yore a Mac user whs upgrading, a Windows user whs looking at switching to the Mac or a UNIX user who loves the idea of using key applications like Microsoft Office on top of a state-of-the art BSD UNIX implementation, this is the OS for you.[/I]
  19. miserlou

    miserlou New Member

    Bei MacTechNews stand doch was von 30 MB. Will mal wissen, wo die restlichen 5,6 geblieben sind?
  20. macixus

    macixus Hofrat & Traktorist

    Stimmt. So steht's in dem von mir angegebenen Link.

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