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    National Instruments reports., "Before development of this system, NASA scientists used two or three PCs running four or more applications to run tests on their lasers. Frequent system crashes made long-term tests difficult. When tests were completed, it took scientists several hours to gather the relevant data from each of the applications. It was a full-time job for one scientist to maintain the test system. NASA asked Mink Hollow Systems to combine all of the functionality into a single, stable Mac OS X application."

    "Since implementation in fall 2003, the system has proved to be very stable and has saved NASA scientists hundreds of hours per year," National Instruments reports.


    Das ist ja sehr erfreulich, dass der NASA nach nur 18 Jahren aufgefallen ist, dass es ein stabiles system gibt.
    Houston... we are having a problem....
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    Hätten sie es rechtzeitig gemerkt, wäre das nicht passiert:

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    >Genesis collected the particles over the last two years on special tiles made from

    !silicon, diamond, gold, sapphire!

    and other materials.<

    ! What a pity!

    Na, die lernen's ja jetzt auch...

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