Abracadabra - Files einfach unsichtbar machen

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    There are many ways to "hide" files on your Mac, and Dashboard Widget Abracadabra makes it drag-and-drop easy. Just grab the file you want hidden, invoke Dashboard and drop it onto the magic hat. Presto! It disappears from the Finder and Spotlight.

    To retrieve your file, just flip the widget over and enter the password (you can even password protect this process, if you're super-paranoid). As tipster Lewis points out, it looks like this widget puts a "." in front of your filename to work its "magic."
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    moin, tomPo,

    danke für den netten tip - als notorischer "das-geht-auch-mit-dem-terminal"-nerver sag ich mal diesmal nix, steht auch in den responses auf jener seite; aber da steht auch dies hier:

    - *gg*

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    Wirklich nette Tipps ..


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