ADCNews:Portables Team Requests Feedback

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  1. mats

    mats New Member

    s Portables development team would like to know how they're doing with the PowerBook and iBook. From your perspective as users and developers, please comment on current PowerBook and/or iBook product features and functionalities that are compelling to PC users looking to switch. Please categorize your comments as hardware, software, and Mac OS, and email to before August 10, 2002.

    Thanks for helping to make PowerBook and iBook products even more amazing! (Note: Your comments will become the sole property of Apple Computer and may be used by Apple or given to others without compensation to you.)

    Scheint denen geht die Phantasie aus :)
    Ich fände ein Dockingstation-System halt genial. Ich brauche persönlich mein altes G3PowerBook zu Hause als Desktopsystem und muss jedesmal 6 Kabel einstecken (Strom, Ton, 2x USB, SCSI und die FireWire-Karte) wenn ich es mal mitgenommen habe.

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