Airport Express Decryption cracked

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    link geht nicht
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    Hali Hallo,

    habe seit gestern Airport Express, es funktioniert einfach supi!
    Kann nun fast im ganzen Haus surfen!
    Auch I Tunes lässt sich einfach geil abspielen!

    Was für ein schöner Tag:D

    Ciao Pessi
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    Nicht "was", sondern "das" ist interessant.

    "So far, iTunes 4.6 has been the only software that can stream music to AirPort Express base stations. Johansen's new JustePort tool makes it possible for users to stream MPEG-4 files encoded in the Apple Lossless compression scheme to AirPort Express hubs independently of iTunes.

    "I've released JustePort, a tool which lets you stream MPEG4 Apple Lossless files to your AirPort Express," Johansen wrote in his Web log. "The stream is encrypted with AES [Advanced Encryption Standard] and the AES key is encrypted with RSA." RSA is a public key encryption technology."

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