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  1. crashtron

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    s extent of localization in key products.

    "No prints or book ordering in iPhoto 2 from outside the United States. Sherlock 3 has great features, but none worth anything outside North America," writes the petition's creator. "And now a music service with [questionable availability to international customers]."

    Back in January, a petition was launched for tab support in Safari and collected more than 4000 digital signatures.

    "We demand that Apple Computer Inc. take a much more serious stance on supporting the 50% of their customers who abide in countries other than the United States," concludes the petition.

  2. Kate

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    Schön, aber etwas voreilig. Steves Aussage gestern war doch, dass die internationale Verfügbarkeit des MusicService ab dem 9 Mai gegeben wäre.

    Erstmal schauen was damit wird bevor man mit dem Meckern anfängt. Alles andere führt nur zu vorzeitigem Herzmuskelverschleiss und Frührente. ;-)

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