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    from the rumors dept.

    Details are sparse... but reliable sources have indicated that Apple is going to be unveiling a new "communicating device" in the next few weeks...

    Reports indicate that the new device will not be a Phone or a PDA, but will be able to be connected to both a Cinema Display and a PowerBook.

    Apologies for the cryptic information... no other details available.


    Apple Event - April 28th, 2003

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    from the news dept.

    MacCentral is reporting that Apple has sent out an invitation for a special event on Monday, April 28th, 2003. According to the article, the invitation says that Apple will have "announcements that will be music to your ears".

    ThinkSecret reports that an in-store event will be held on Friday, May 2th. MBSDirect also reflects an "Mac Audio Event" on Friday May 2nd with "great new (and fun!) audio hardware and software to demo".

    Several rumors have been circulating regarding Apple and possible music announcements.

    Pending iPod updates have been circulating since January... but with recent specs and design being first reported on by ThinkSecret and confirmed here.

    Apple's upcoming Music Service was first mentioned here, with the April 28th date mentioned eariler this month by AppleInsider.

    And, finally, the most dramatic possibility -- Apple buying Universal Music -- was first reported by the LA Times but with recent reports doubting the completion of such talks.

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