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    Geht irgendjemand von den anwesenden Forumsfritzen dort hin?

    Monday 10th May 2004
    Mac OS X Tech Talk - Berlin, GERMANY
    Time: 13:00 to 18:00

    Location: Freie Universit?t Berlin
    Audimax Henry-Ford-Bau
    Garystrasse 35
    14195 Berlin, Germany


    Agenda for the day:
    12 noon - Doors open for registration
    13.00 - Mac OS X and Developer Tools
    14.00 - Optimizing for G5
    15.00 - Break
    15.30 - Hardware Technology Update
    16.30 - Enterprise Update
    17.30 - Q&A

    Session Details

    Mac OS X and Developer Tools
    In this session we will present an overview of Mac OS X and introduce Apple's Developer Tools. We will describe Xcode, Apple's new IDE featuring advanced technologies such as Fix and Continue, Zero Link and Distributed Build. We will show you how to create and start new application projects, and demonstrate documentation access and search, source-level debugging, and integrated source control. We will also introduce new features in Interface Builder, Apple’s innovative UI design application and present examples of applications that are based on Xcode.

    Optimizing for G5
    Learn how to optimize your software for the 64-bit Power Mac G5. In this session we will present an overview of the architectural features and design goals of the Power Mac G5. We will describe the PowerPC G5 processor jointly developed by Apple and IBM and the high bandwidth system architecture employed on the Power Mac and Xserve. We will illustrate specific techniques to accelerate your software through specific code examples and real-live applications. We will also demonstrate how Apple's performance optimization tools can help you examine and improve the performance of your code.

    Hardware Technology Update
    In this session we will present a high-level overview of the capabilities of USB, FireWire, Bluetooth, AirMac and other I/O technologies on Mac OS X, iTunes, iPhoto and the iPod. Learn about the latest developments with Bluetooth, USB 2.0, FireWire 800 and 802.11g and the standard drivers and capabilities already built into Mac OS X. Lastly, we will discuss how networked media devices can work with iTunes and iPhoto and opportunities for developing solutions that connect to the iPod.

    Enterprise Update
    Apple has returned to the Enterprise. Learn about today's IT trends and how Apple's strengths in technology, ease of use and cost performance position the Mac OS X platform for success in the Enterprise. This session will present an overview of Apple's hardware and software technologies, including Xserve G5, which delivers over 30 gigaflops in a 1U enclosure, and Xgrid, which uses Rendezvous to make cluster computing easy. We will also describe initiatives in open standards and high performance computing, including an overview of the cluster computer project at Virginia Tech. Lastly, we will review existing Enterprise Alliances and describe opportunities for developers in the Enterprise.

    Should you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us at <>.

    We look forward to meeting you!
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    habe auch die Einladung erhalten und entschieden, nicht hinzugehen.
    Die Kürze der Zeit reicht gerade für je eine Keynote-Präsentation (oder etwa Power Point?) , kratzt also nur an der Oberfläche. Schätze dabei nichts Neues zu lernen und bestimmt steht die ganze Story kurz danach im Web.
  3. gratefulmac

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    Für die Anfahrt von Hildesheim würde es sich garantiert nicht lohnen.
    Für uns Berlina ist das was anderes.
  4. WoSoft

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    ihr Berlina habtst jut

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