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    Panther seems to hold the secrets of an upcoming Apple Wireless Mouse and Apple Wireless Keyboard.

    As noted, the most recent Panther builds contain the previously hidden Bluetooth Keyboard and Mouse control panel. Some users speculated that this addition to Panther may signal the support of an Apple-branded bluetooth keyboard and mouse, while others felt it may simply be support for third party peripherals.

    However -- if you attempt to use the new Panther build's Bluetooth keyboard and mouse functionality, you are given these error messages (if you don't have the proper bluetooth hardware):

    "If you are using an Apple Wireless Mouse, slide the cover on the bottom of the mouse to expose the LED"

    "If you are using an Apple Wireless Keyboard, move the switch on the back of the keyboard towards the LED"

    Previous hints included the fact that the standard keyboard/mouse from Apple are now designated as "Wired".

    Screenshots of error messages at at

    Update: ThinkSecret fills in some details about the upcoming wireless Apple peripherals. Of particular interest, it appears the new devices will run on AA batteries.
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