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    June the 6th 2003

    Apple's European Strategy: Ad-Campaign, prices, retail stores, services.

    According to some reliable sources, Apple would like to increase its market share in Europe, and has a strong European strategy for the second quarter of 2003 or early 2004.

    Here's what Apple is rumoured to do:

    >>Ad-Campaign: Sources claim that Apple is going to invest in a huge European ad-campaign that will probably be the biggest since the introduction of the first iMac. Some mentioned that the switch campaign may be localized not only with unknown people but also with famous local artists for each country.

    Prices: Throughout the first half of 2003 Apple has dropped European prices quite noticeably, partly because the US dollar has decreased in value and Apple is getting more aggressive on price. It looks like Apple is going to cut European prices again until 2004 and maybe during 2004 even-though the US dollar may increase. Apple would like to increase it?s market share and will maybe even offer, if needed, lower prices in Europe, than it does in the USA to compensate for the high European VAT. The last information is rather specualative and probably undecided.

    Retail: It has been rumoured a lot and reasonably confirmed that Apple Retail Stores will see the light soon in Europe. My sources told me that Apple would really like to open a Store in London, in the famous Soho district, and that it will do so as soon it has the opportunity. As for France, Apple is quite happy with current partnerships as they already achieve quite good results, but an Apple Store in Paris is not out of question and will probably see the light of day, though it may not necessarily be the first one to open. Most of my reliable sources believe that the first European Apple Stores will come during 2004.

    Services: Apple services such as .Mac, Sherlock channels and iTunes Music Store will be available and localized for many European countries in the coming months. It's also reported that Apple?s official European sites are also going to be improved with more localized support resources. There is also something interesting that my sources mentioned: Apple also wants to get some market share in the European education and businesses market and it is actively working on it.

    As you can see, Apple really wants to improve its European sales strategy. I believe this is a good point for both the company and its customers because Apple needs a higher market share and European users have been complaining about non-localization of Apple's services and higher pricing.

    It's quite ironic that my sources in Europe are dry and most of the information I'm publishing comes from US-based sources. I've been investigating for over three months to find and try to confirm the information on this posting. I remind you that your input is welcome here and helps me a lot when it's serious<<

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    jaja, die Gerüchte...ich glaubs erst, wenn ichs sehe...
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    Die neuen Desktops billiger als im US-Store plus ...
    Na glauben tu ich es auch nicht.


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