Bye bye Alex Salkever

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  1. Macci

    Macci ausgewandert.

    Hier gibts die letzte Kolumne Byte of the Apple:

    One last note to you, Steve. I need a new Apple laptop, but I'm waiting for the G5 version. I know you have one tucked away in the labs somewhere. You've solved most of the engineering problems with jamming this hot-running chip into a small footprint with the new streamlined iMac. Is it too much to hope for one for Christmas?

  2. benjii

    benjii New Member

    Er fordert auch den 500-Dollar-Mac (ohne Monitor) für Einsteiger. Finde ich auch, dass es so was geben sollte. Würde doch viele (potenzielle) Mac-User ansprechen.
  3. krahni

    krahni Member

    :sabber: :sabber: :sabber:

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