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  1. .neo

    .neo New Member

    ich räume grade meine Lesezeichen auf und habe einen zur Netzseite der verblichenen "Caffeine Software, Inc." gefunden.
    Ich hab nur ein Problem: Ich weiß nicht mehr, warum ich das Lesezeichen angelegt habe...
    Was für Software hat das Unternehmen hergestellt?

  2. Tambo

    Tambo New Member

    Pixeln'hance, und andere Bildtools...
  3. danilatore

    danilatore Moderatore Mitarbeiter

    March 3, 2003
    Caffeine Software, Inc. has suspended operation.
    We regret any inconvenience to our customers as a result of this.

    Yours, Caffeine Software, Inc.
    The latest officially available versions of our
    TIFFany, Curator, PixelNhance and Cycles applications
    can be downloaded from a mirror site. The download is 56MB.
  4. .neo

    .neo New Member

    Da war ich auch schon. Aber der Download funzt nicht und über Google kriege ich keine befriedigenden Infos über die Programme.

    Wozu waren die Programme gut?

  5. Tambo

    Tambo New Member

    >PixelNhance is a real-time image enhancement application that lets you
    quickly and easily determine the best settings for your document.
    While you adjust controls for settings such as color balance and
    sharpness, you can immediately see the effects on your image. To use
    PixelNhance, you do not need a degree in image processing. You do not
    even need to know what color balance is. You can see the results of your
    setting adjustments right there in the unique split-screen document
    One side of the document window shows the image with the original
    settings. The other side shows the image with the settings that you
    currently have in the Controls window. You can move and rotate the
    divider that separates the two regions.
    Aside from color balance and sharpness, you can also use PixelNhance
    to control the saturation, brightness, and contrast levels in your
    document. You can also reduce the noise in the image, as well as
    determine saturation levels for specific tones.
    With all these options presented in an intuitive and powerful interface,
    you can use PixelNhance to easily yet significantly modify and improve
    your images.<

    aus dem manual....

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