Chimera 0.6 out

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    The latest Chimera stable release is 0.6, and you can download it from:

    The Chimera source code is constantly being worked on and improved, and we push builds every night that you can go and download (so-called nightly builds. These will get you the latest bleeding-edge features, but are likely to contain bugs. Use them at your own risk! You can grab the most recent nightly build from:

    Once youve downloaded the .dmg.gz file, drag it onto Stuffit Expander to decompress it. If the disk image doesnt mount automatically, double-click on the .dmg file to mount it. If that fails, and the file does not look like a disk image file, do a Show Info on the file, and, in the Open with application category, choose Disk Copy. In Mac OS 10.2, you can use Open with from the context menu.

    Once the disk image mounts, open it, and drag the Navigator icon onto your hard disk. We recommend that you copy it to the Applications folder. Now Eject the disk image. If you like, you can drag Navigator to your dock to have it easily accessible at all times. You might also wish to select Navigator as your default browser in the Internet system preferences pane (under the Web tab).

    After installation, you may want to import bookmarks from another browser. Run Navigator, choose Manage Bookmarks from the Bookmarks menu, and choose Import Bookmarks from the submenu. In the resulting file dialog, choose the bookmarks file you wish to import, and click Open. The bookmarks will be imported.

    Where information is kept on disk
    When you first run Chimera, it makes a folder in ~/Library/Application Support/ called Chimera. A folder down inside this folder contains your profile information (bookmarks, cookies, cache etc). This is known as your Profile Directory. One of the containing folders has an odd-looking salted name for security reasons.

    There are two files in your profile that you might need to know about. First, bookmarks.xml contains your bookmarks. You might want to regularly make copies of this file if you run nightly builds. prefs.js contains most of the application preferences. Not all preferences are exposed in the UI yet, so you might see advice to edit your prefs file. To do that, drag prefs.js onto your favorite editor, make whatever changes are necessary, and save. Make sure the file gets saved in plain text format.

    To get rid of all the files that Chimera created, do the following:

    Drag the Navigator icon to the trash
    Drag the <home directory>/Library/Application Support/Chimera folder to the trash

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