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    da waren ja mal Fragen gewesen....

    Chris Murphy:
    >Use the color management options in these applications instead of
    relying on the operating system/printer driver to do color management.
    Turn color management off in the printer driver, then in the
    application's print dialog select the printer profile in Print Space.
    Illustrator's color management is found in the OS X print dialog
    (command-P) in the driver's pop-up menu in the "Illustrator" option.
    Photoshop's is found only in the "Print with Preview" window, choose
    the More Options check box, the select the Color Management option in
    the pop-up menu. Quark's is found in Preferences, Color Management.
    Both QuarkXPress 5 and 6 behave exactly the same (so far). QuarkXPress
    color management is not exactly easy to describe. Even though it's a
    bit self serving, there is an entire chapter on it in
    Real World Color Management

    RWCM ist DAS Fachbuch dafür, english

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