CodeWarrior, SQL und MS-Office

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  1. MacFiebels

    MacFiebels New Member

    Kann man mit CodeWarrior über SQL MS-Office Dokumente
    aus einer Datenbank ziehen oder in eine ablegen?

    Das ganze soll in Netzwerk mit ca. 40 Arbeitsplätzen stattfinden.
    Vielen Dank!


    I have some questions
    about CodeWarrior (Desktop-Tools?).

    In a few words the software should run in a Macintosh network
    (about 40 clients) which use a (linux-based) SQL server (Postgres).

    So the Software is planed for one hand as sql client
    on the other hand the received data from the database
    should be inserted in various MS Office documents, i.e. MS Word.

    It would be nice if you give me also a suggestion for compiling
    the code for win-32 systems...

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