Datensynchronisation zwischen Macs?

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  1. Wie läuft denn so etwas bequemer, als die Daten müsam hin und her zu schieben?
    Gibt's da irgendwelche nette Tools oder Tricks?
  2. sbanbau

    sbanbau New Member

    Synchronize! 3.9.1
    Synchronize! automatically keeps the documents on two or more Macs up to date, by copying the newest version of those documents to the other Mac. It makes sure your desktop Mac and your PowerBook, or your Mac at home, have the most recent versions of your documents. Using Synchronize!, all you do is select two folders on your desktop. Synchronize! identifies documents which correspond between the two folders and copies the newest document to the other folder. Use a floppy disk to carry your files from one Mac to another, or use File Sharing and a network connection, or Apple Remote Access. Synchronize! makes sure that the newest versions of your documents are in both folders, no matter where you changed them last.
    Synchronize! Pro is an industrial-strength file synchronization, backup and file server mirroring. Version 4.0 works with SpeedShare Server to backup and sync files using TCP/IP over the Internet.
    zur HOMEPAGE

    und sonst halt klassisch mit raid/server bzw. retrospect via zeitplaene back_ups machen lassen.


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