Dringend DvD layer Patch gesucht

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  1. Klaus

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    frohe Weihnacht. Wer kann helfen. Suche dringend den DVD Player Patch 1.9
    Im Netz gibt es nur die Version 1.8, auch dort wo 1.9 angeboten wird ist nur 1.8. ladbar.
    Brauche das Teil für einen alten iMac auf em 10.4.8 läuft. (Externes Superdrive von Formac)
    Danke für jede Hilfe.
  2. nanoloop

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  3. Klaus

    Klaus Member

    Danke für den Tip. Ich muß es versuchen. Hat nicht jemand die Datei DVD Player Patch 1.9 und könnte sie mir freundlicherweise mailen?
    Vielen Dank für Eure Mühe,
  4. TomPo

    TomPo Active Member

    thnx to Gitsey

    “Clive E. was wondering about the DVD User Op patch (DVD player patch for external drives, he had no internal DVD drive) not working any more after the 10.4.8 update. I found out the same issue, and as there will no more be updated patches (the guy releasing the patches has “retired”), I figured out what the patch was actually doing with 10.4.7.
    It changes the binary code at two offsets of the “DVDPlayback” file.
    I found the corresponding code bits at the DVDPlayback v4.6.9 coming with the 10.4.8 (this time at different offset locations), and made the changes with an hex editor.
    This seems to work. I don’t have an external DVD drive but at least the DVD Player control buttons honor again the user actions.

    The file to be changed is: (backup before editing)

    and the changes are:

    Offset 669CC: 4082 0020 80A1 0040 3860 0000 7CA4 F430
-> 4082 0020 38A0 0000 3860 0000 7CA4 F430
    Offset 9D7E8: 4E80 0020 7C48 02A6 429F 0005 BE01 FFC0 7FE8 02A6
-> 4E80 0020 3860 0000 4E80 0020 BE01 FFC0 7FE8 02A6

    Editing the file needs naturally Admin rights.
(name withheld by request) “

    oder versuchst es mal hier mit:

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