dvd2oneX Version 2 ist da!

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  1. Decoder

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    Hmm...mich wundert, dass das noch keiner hier vermeldet hat. über die suche hab ich zumindest nix gefunden.

    ist auf jeden fall drausen:


    What's New:
    Version 2.0:

    Completely new user interface.
    Based on our own newly developed cross-platform GUI library.

    Interface and usage of DVD2one2 is the same on both PC and Mac OS-X.

    Release of future updates will be synchronous for both platforms.

    Engine completely rewritten for multi-processor support.

    Future ready for upcoming dual-processor cores.

    Advanced grid processing possibility.

    Compression engine further improved.

    Choose 'best quality' mode for best possible image quality while retaining highest possible speed.

    Choose 'fast' mode for fastest possible processing.

    Builtin imaging and burning support.

    No need for expensive 3rd party burning tools.

    Choose between output as fileset, image file or burning to dvd-writer.

    Bitrate and channel configuration of audiotracks is now read from the stream.

    Size of audiotrack is now calculated.

    Size and needed compression of video is now calculated.

    Bonus: Audio Remaster functionality added to DVD2one2.

    Improved remaster engine: upto 3 times as fast and improved sound quality.

    SSE support on Intel and Alti-Vec support on PPC G4 and G5.

    New licensing model.

    License valid for one user OR one computer.

    One user: If you are the only user, you are allowed to use the license on all computers you own (both PC and Mac).

    One computer: If more people are using the license, then you are only allowed to use it on 1 computer.
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    Ja, ...und das schon seit gestern :rolleyes:

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