ebiotools and Mac OS X 10.51

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    Hi everybody,

    i've tried to install the ebiotools suite and their graphical front end, BioX, on a new MAc with OS 10.51 and I did not get anwhere. You can open sequences and do some basic functions but not even the trace viewer application does work nor any link to the embedded Emboss and Staden programs (they do work on command line interface). It does not make any difference if I start X11 first or not. For example, when opening a sequence trace file, I can see the sequence but when I hit Tools--- > Trev the program opens a new command line X11 window and nothing else.

    A collegue of mine reported the same problems on a different machine.

    Does anybody have any idea how to make it work?

    program: http://www.ebioinformatics.org/

    happy new year, strabo

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