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    What's the point?
    I wanted to see OSX powered by a 68k. That's all, it's no more complex than that .

    Don't you have better things to do with your time?

    How useful is it?
    It's not. Indeed, where PearPC on my Athlon enables me to run OSX software in a limited sense, running it on a 68k is more disabling.

    It's as useful as a C64 or Apple ][ running OSX natively. How cool is that though?

    But isn't this impossible? a 68k emulating a PPC?
    No. You could probably emulate a PPC with sticks in the sand if you wanted to, it just wouldn't be useful. That's not to say it mightn't be more fun than installing it on a Centris, however .

    Will there be a CherryOS for the Centris?

    So what's next?
    Resurrecting my Mac II (68020 with FPU) in order to get an even slower machine booting OSX. I expect to have this done by the time longhorn ships.

  3. danilatore

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    mal schauen ob es auch auf meinem SE läuft :klimper:
  4. Macci

    Macci ausgewandert.

    Don't you have better things to do with your time?
  5. danilatore

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    Asks calculated the correct one. ;)

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