eMail-Aliase bei .Mac

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    Ich weiß nicht, ob das neu ist, für mich war es das eben jedenfalls:

    You can create multiple email aliases to help prevent unwanted messages from being sent to your primary .Mac Mail account or for use with online groups and chat sites. For example, you might want to share your main address with friends and family only, and use email aliases for online registrations, purchasing products, joining mailing lists, and so on. This will help you better manage the mail you receive and monitor the sources of unwanted messages. You can even send mail using an email alias.
    Once you create an alias, you can turn it off and on, choose a new color for messages received by the alias, or delete the alias at any time.

    Hab es gerade ausprobiert und es funzt gut. Einrichten kann man die Aliase in den Mail-Einstellungen auf den .Mac-Seiten.

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