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  1. mhe

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    Ich habe mit eyeTV einen Film aufgenommen und ihn exportiert. Jetzt will ich ihn in iMovie einlesen, das geht aber nicht weil QuickTime das Format nicht lesen kann. Ich glaube es ist mpeg2. Was kann ich jetzt machen?
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    Das Thema würde mich auch interessieren, obwohl - oder weil - ich (noch) kein eyeTV habe, aber darüber nachdenke. Ich habe noch endlos viele Schul-Videos (analog), die ich gerne auf DVD bringen würde... Und oft sind sie für Unterrichtsstunden zu lang, so dass eine Bearbeiitung (=Kürzung) in iMovie evtl. wirklich sinnvoll wäre.
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    EyeTV Editing Issues
    Product: EyeTV
    Problem: I can't use iMovie to edit my recorded show(s).

    Solution: If you are using any of our EyeTV FireWire models and have Roxio's Toast 6 Titanium, the procedure to export to DV (compatible with most editing software applications) is quite simple:

    1- Export your recording as a QuickTime Movie

    2- Launch Toast 6 Titanium, click on the Video tab, and drag that QuickTime file to the main Toast window

    3- Select your file by clicking on it once

    4- Click on the Export button and choose a location where to save the converted DV file.

    Note that iMovie will not accept DV files larger than 2 GB (9 minutes or less). To import recordings into iMovie, you will need to split your recording into smaller chunks, Save them as QuickTime, then export each chunck to DV from Toast. You can then import each part into iMovie, and join them as needed.

    For EyeTV USB:

    The MPEG-1 streams that EyeTV produces have the audio and video intermixed, or muxed. Due to a limitation of QuickTime they cannot be directly edited.

    There is a long and involved process to convert the MPEG-1 streams that EyeTV produces into something that iMovie can edit. You have to separate the audio and video streams, convert them into a different form, and then recombine them.

    You'll need these programs:

    (a free audio conversion program which works in Classic or OS 9)

    (a free MPEG demuxer which is for OS X)

    (a free audio conversion tool for OS X)

    Do the following if you want to edit in iMovie:

    Export a recorded program from EyeTV, by using the File --> Save as QuickTime command.

    Demux the file that EyeTV produces. You'll get a video file which ends with .m1v, and an audio file that ends with .m1a

    Use SoundApp to File --> Convert the .m1a file into AIFF format. You can also use MAD to convert to AIFF if you want to stay in OS X.

    Use iMovie to import the AIFF file - it shows up as an audio track at the bottom of the screen

    Then, use the QuickTime Player to File --> Export the .m1v file to DV.

    Please note that the DV file size that iMovie accepts is limited to 2GB (9 minutes or less). Trim your video file into smaller segments before trying to import it.

    Use iMovie to import the DV file - it shows up as a video clip on the top right of the screen

    Drag the video clip to the bottom of the screen, and now the video is synched back up with the audio.

    Edit the recombined movie to your specifications.

    After editing, you can export your movie in QuickTime format, or keep it in DV for use in programs like iDVD.


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