Fehlerliste, wo ist die?!

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    Wo gibts eigentlich eine Fehler liste in OSX wo man diese ominösen;
    "Ein Fehler ist aufgetzreten! Fehler = -36" Fehlermeldungen nachschlagen kann was es ist?
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    t a valid transaction.
    -10013 There is no user selection.
    -10014 Handler only handles single objects.
    -10015 Can't undo the previous Apple event or user action.

    Source: Apple Developer Connection (ADC)
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    t patch for particular Model Mac
    99 dsBadPatch Can't load patch resource
    101 dsParityErr memory parity error
    102 dsOldSystem System is too old for this ROM
    103 ds32BitMode booting in 32-bit on a 24-bit sys
    20000 dsShutDownOrRestart user choice between ShutDown and Restart
    20001 dsSwitchOffOrRestart user choice between switching off and Restart
    20002 dsForcedQuit allow the user to ExitToShell, return if Cancel
    32767 dsSysErr general system error (catch-all used in DSAT)

    General System Errors (VBL Mgr, Queue, Etc.)
    0 noErr 0 for success *OR* 0 smNotTruncated No truncation necessary
    -1 qErr queue element not found during deletion *OR*
    -1 smTruncErr Truncation indicator alone is wider than the specified width
    -2 vTypErr invalid queue element
    -3 corErr core routine number out of range
    -4 unimpErr unimplemented core routine
    -5 SlpTypeErr invalid queue element
    -8 seNoDB no debugger installed to handle debugger doc/dialupand

    Color Manager Errors
    -9 iTabPurgErr from Color2Index/ITabMatch
    -10 noColMatch from Color2Index/ITabMatch
    -11 qAllocErr from MakeITable
    -12 tblAllocErr from MakeITable
    -13 overRun from MakeITable
    -14 noRoomErr from MakeITable
    -15 seOutOfRange from SetEntry
    -16 seProtErr from SetEntry
    -17 i2CRangeErr from SetEntry
    -18 gdBadDev from SetEntry
    -19 reRangeErr from SetEntry
    -20 seInvRequest from SetEntry
    -21 seNoMemErr from SetEntry
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    t read-verify
    -88 prInitErr InitUtil found the parameter ram uninitialized
    -89 rcvrErr SCC receiver error (framing, parity, OR)
    -90 breakRecd Break received (SCC)

    AppleTalk Errors
    -91 ddpSktErr Error opening socket *OR*
    -91 eMultiErr Invalid address or table is full
    -92 ddpLenErr Data length too big *OR*
    -92 eLenErr Packet too large or first entry of the write-data structure did not contain the full 14-byte header
    -93 noBridgeErr No router available [for non-local send]
    -94 lapProtErr error in attaching/detaching protocol *OR*
    -94 LAPProtErr Protocol handler is already attached, node's protocol table is full, protocol not attached, or protocol handler pointer -95 excessCollsns Hardware error [excessive collisions on write]
    -97 portInUse driver Open error code (port is in use)
    -98 portNotCf driver Open error code (parameter RAM not configured for this connection)
    -99 memROZErr hard error in ROZ
    -99 memROZError hard error in ROZ
    -99 memROZWarn soft error in ROZ

    Scrap Manager Errors
    -100 noScrapErr No scrap exists error
    -102 noTypeErr Format not available

    Storage Allocator Errors
    -108 memFullErr Ran out of memory [not enough room in heap zone]
    -109 nilHandleErr GetHandleSize fails on baseText or substitutionText; NIL master pointer [handle was NIL in HandleZone or other]
    -110 memAdrErr Address was odd, or out of range
    -111 memWZErr Attempted to operate on a free block; GetHandleSize fails on baseText or substitutionText [WhichZone failed (applied -112 memPurErr Trying to purge a locked or non-purgeable block
    -113 memAZErr Address in zone check failed
    -114 memPCErr Pointer Check failed
    -115 memBCErr Block Check failed
    -116 memSCErr Size Check failed
    -117 memLockedErr Trying to move a locked block (MoveHHi)

    HFS Errors
    -120 dirNFErr Directory not found
    -121 tmwdoErr No free WDCB available
    -122 badMovErr Move into offspring error
    -123 wrgVolTypErr Not an HFS volume [wrong volume type error or (obsolete) operation not supported for MFS]
    -124 volGoneErr Server volume has been disconnected.
    -125 updPixMemErr Insufficient memory to update a pixmap
    -127 fsDSIntErr Internal file system error
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    t match
    -5031 afpVolLocked Volume is Read-Only
    -5032 afpObjectLocked Object is M/R/D/W inhibited

    SysEnvirons Errors
    -5500 envNotPresent SysEnvirons trap not present - returned by glue.
    -5501 envBadVers Version non-positive
    -5502 envVersTooBig Version bigger than call can handle

    Gestalt Errors
    -5550 gestaltUnknownErr Could not obtain the response
    -5551 gestaltUndefSelectorErr!Undefined selector
    -5552 gestaltDupSelectorErr!!Selector already exists
    -5553 gestaltLocationErr!!Function not in system heap

    Open Transport PPP Error codes
    -7102!!!!!!!OT/PPP did not load properly at system start up
    -7103!!!!!!!OT/PPP could not set up a port
    -7104!!!!!!!OT/PPP is out of memory
    -7105!!!!!!!The requested action is not supported
    -7106!!!!!!!One or more resources are missing from OT/PPP's installed files
    -7107!!!!!!!The "Remote Access Connections" file is not compatible with the installed version of OT/PPP.
    -7108!!!!!!!An action requiring a connection was requested when there was no connection
    -7109!!!!!!!The connection attempt or established connection was terminated by the user
    -7110!!!!!!!The user name is unknown
    -7111!!!!!!!The password is invalid
    -7112!!!!!!!An unexpected error with no useful information has occurred
    -7113!!!!!!!One or more of the installed OT/PPP files is damaged
    -7114!!!!!!!The requested action could not be performed because OT/PPP was busy
    -7115!!!!!!!The OT/PPP logical port is in an unknown state
    -7116!!!!!!!The OT/PPP logical port is in an invalid state
    -7117!!!!!!!The OT/PPP logical port has detected an invalid serial protocol
    -7118!!!!!!!Login is disabled for the given user
    -7120!!!!!!!The server administrator requires the user to enter a password
    -7122!!!!!!!OT/PPP could not initialize Open Transport
    -7123!!!!!!!The requested action could not be performed because OT/PPP is not fully initialized yet
    -7124!!!!!!!TCP/IP is inactive and can not be loaded
    -7125!!!!!!!TCP/IP is not yet configured
    -7126!!!!!!!PPP is not selected as the TCP/IP interface in the current TCP/IP configuration
    -7128!!!!!!!The requested PPP protocol was rejected by the PPP peer
    -7129!!!!!!!PPP authentication failed
    -7130!!!!!!!PPP negotiation failed
    -7131!!!!!!!PPP was disconnected locally
    -7132!!!!!!!The PPP peer disconnected unexpectedly
    -7133!!!!!!!The PPP peer is not responding
    -7134!!!!!!!The OT/PPP log file is not open
    -7135!!!!!!!The OT/PPP log file is already open
    -7136!!!!!!!The OT/PPP log entry could not be retrieved
    -7138!!!!!!!OT/PPP can not locate the active System folder
    -7139!!!!!!!OT/PPP can not locate its preferences folder
    -7140!!!!!!!There is a pre-existing file using an OT/PPP type or creator
    -7141!!!!!!!There is a pre-existing folder using an OT/PPP folder name and location
    -7142!!!!!!!The "Remote Access Connections" file is not open
    -7144!!!!!!!An unknown PPP control protocol type was received
    -7145!!!!!!!PPP received a packet with an invalid length
    -7146!!!!!!!PPP received a negotiable option with an invalid value
    -7147!!!!!!!PPP received a negotiable option with invalid flags
    -7148!!!!!!!PPP ran out of memory while negotiating with the peer
    -7152!!!!!!!PPP encountered an error with no useful information
    -7153!!!!!!!PPP is in an invalid state
    -7163!!!!!!!The user canceled the password entry dialog
    -7164!!!!!!!The user did not respond to the password entry dialog in time
    -7165!!!!!!!An unknown Open Transport serial port was referenced
    -7166!!!!!!!The OT/PPP logical port is not configured
    -7167!!!!!!!No AppleTalk services endpoints are available
    -7168!!!!!!!The modem script ASK or manual dialing dialog was canceled by the user
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    gratefulmac New Member

    t exist
    64 dsBadRotate bad BTree rotate

    Slot Declaration ROM Manager Errors
    1 siInitSDTblErr slot int dispatch table could not be initialized.
    2 siInitVBLQsErr VBLqueues for all slots could not be initialized.
    3 siInitSPTblErr slot priority table could not be initialized.
    10 sdmJTInitErr SDM Jump Table could not be initialized.
    11 sdmInitErr SDM could not be initialized.
    12 sdmSRTInitErr Slot Resource Table could not be initialized.
    13 sdmPRAMInitErr Slot PRAM could not be initialized.
    14 sdmPriInitErr Cards could not be initialized.

    HD20 Driver Errors
    16 wrtHsLw HSHK low before starting
    17 wrtHSLwTO Time out waiting for HSHK to go low
    19 wrtHSHighTO Time out waiting for HSHK to go high
    32 rdHsHi HSHK high before starting
    33 rdSyncTO Time out waiting for sync ($AA) bye
    34 rdGroupTO Time out waiting for group
    36 rdHoffSyncTO Time out waiting for sync after holdoff
    37 rdHsHiTO Time out waiting for HSHK high
    38 rdChksumErr Checksum error on response packet
    48 invalidResp First byte in response packet was wrong
    49 sqncNumErr Sequence number in response packet was wrong
    50 dNumberErr Drive number in response packet was wrong
    64 noResp No response packet ever received

    SCSI Manager Errors
    2 scCommErr Communications error (operations timeout)
    3 scArbNBErr Arbitration failed during SCSIGet ? Bus busy
    4 scBadparmsErr Bad parameter or TIB opcode
    5 scPhaseErr SCSI bus not in correct phase for operation
    6 scCompareErr SCSI Manager busy with another operation when SCSIGet was called
    7 scMgrBusyErr SCSI Manager busy with another operation when SCSIGet was called
    8 scSequenceErr Attempted operation is out of sequence ? e.g., calling SCSISelect before doing SCSIGet
    9 scBusTOErr Bus timeout before data ready on SCSIRBlind and SCSIWBlind
    10 scComplPhaseErr SCSIComplete failed ? bus not in Status phase

    Serial Driver Error Masks
    1 swOverrunErr Serial Driver overrun error
    16 parityErr Serial parity error
    32 hwOverrunErr Serial hardware overrun
    64 framingErr Serial framing error

    Miscellaneous Result Code
    1 evtNotEnb Event not enabled at PostEvent

    CDev Errors
    0 cdevMemErr Memory shortfall; alert user please
    1 cdevResErr Couldn't get a needed resource; alert
    3 cdevUnset cdevValue is initialized to this -1 cdevGenErr General error; gray cdev w/o alert

    Script Manager Errors
    0 smNotTruncated No truncation was necessary
    1 smTruncated Truncation performed
    -1 smTruncErr General error

    Communications Toolbox Errors
    0 ctbuNoErr ????
    -1 ctbuGenericError ????

    Communications Resource Manager Errors
    0 crmNoErr ????
    -1 crmGenericError ????

    Connection Manager Errors
    0 cmNoErr ????
    1 cmRejected ????
    2 cmFailed ????
    3 cmTimeOut ????
    4 cmNotOpen ????
    5 cmNotClosed ????
    6 cmNoRequestPending ????
    23.9.2002 16:31 Uhr Mac OS Error Codes
    Seite 12 von 13 http://www.usc.edu/isd/doc/os/mac/consult/oserrors.html
    7 cmNotSupported ????
    8 cmNoTools ????
    9 cmUserCancel ????
    11 cmUnknownError ????
    -1 cmGenericError ????

    File Transfer Manager Errors
    0 ftNoErr ????
    1 ftRejected ????
    2 ftFailed ????
    3 ftTimeOut ????
    4 ftTooManyRetry ????
    5 ftNotEnoughDSpace ????
    6 ftRemoteCancel ????
    7 ftWrongFormat ????
    8 ftNoTools ????
    9 ftUserCancel ????
    10 ftNotSupported ????
    11 ftUnknownError ????
    -1 ftGenericError ????

    Midi Manager MIDIPacket Errors
    1 midiOverflowErr ????
    2 midiSCCErr ????
    3 midiPacketErr ????
    255 midiMaxErr all doc/dialupand words less than this are errors

    Terminal Manager Errors
    0 tmNoErr ????
    1 tmNotSent ????
    2 tmEnvironsChanged ????
    7 tmNotSupported ????
    8 tmNoTools ????
    11 tmUnknownError ????
    -1 tmGenericError ????

    AppleTalk Errors
    -1 overrunErr ???? (returned by ReadPacket & ReadRest routines)
    -2 crcErr ????
    -3 underrunErr ????
    -4 lengthErr ????

    System Errors to put up msg dialogs
    -10 dsMacsBugInstalled say "MacsBug Installed"
    -11 dsDisassemblerInstalled say "Disassembler Installed"
    -12 dsHD20Installed say "HD20 Startup"

    Source: UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA (Information Services)
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    Viel Spaß .

    Ausdrucken und aufheben. ;-)
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    Und jetzt?

    -36 ioErr I/O error (bummers)

    jaj bummer ist es.... :-(
    mal weiter tweaken.....
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    Da sich einige für die Fehlerliste interessieren, werd ich sie mal wieder hochsetzen.

    ausdrucken u. an die Wand pinnen ;-)

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