filmtitel gesugt - mit dicke blonde madchen

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    Hallo, Ich bin aus Tsechische Republik und ich kann nicht sprechen Deutsch gut, so ich werde sprechen Englisch.

    I look for title of movie that I saw several years ago on Onyx TV? I think it could be from some german comedy movie maybe year 1990s.
    In this scene, that I remember, goes stupid blond plump busty girl down the street and she meets a boy that makes fun of her big boobs and grab one of them. She smacks his face in return and walk on. She is dressed in white T-shirt ( or dress) in this scene and she maybe works as hair-dresser in the movie. She doesn´t play the lead-role in the movie.
    There is another scene with this girl preceding the scene I talked about. In this scene another girl makes fun of this stupid blond plump busty girl because of her big boobs. This scene takes part on some playground.
    If you know the movie or name of this actress, please answer me.

    Danke, Dolly D.
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    Ich nominiere den Eingangsbeitrag zum »most obscure posting 2007«.
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    Angenommen ! :D :eek:)

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