Fixed known problems in 10.4.9

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    Je nach Version (PPC/Intel) wird das Update voraussichtlich um die 167MB +/- groß sein

    Known Issues so far
    - None

    Focus Areas
    Please focus your testing on:
    - .Mac Connectivity
    - Adobe Flash
    - AirPort
    - Apple's USB Modem
    - Audio
    - Automator
    - bash
    - bind
    - Bluetooth
    - Bonjour
    - Dashboard Widgets
    - Disk Images
    - FireWire
    - Fonts (OpenType fonts)
    - gnutar
    - Graphics
    - iCal
    - iChat Video Conferencing
    - iSync
    - OpenSSH
    - Rosetta
    - sudo
    - USB

    Areas of Change
    New in this seed:
    - Fixed issue with ImageIO and importing FCP files
    - Fixed problem with network printing and AppleTalk
    - Fixed issue with Rosetta and float conversion
    - Fixed issue with automatically joining trusted AirPort networks after reboot
    - Fixed issue with OpenGL and ATI PBO

    From previous seeds:
    - Fixed issue with OpenGL Programmability
    - Fixed problem with OpenGL Framework and gleCommandProcessor
    - Fixed issue with GraphicsDrivers Common Code and memory leaks
    - Fixed issue with CoreImage and the cropping of multiple images
    - Fixed issue with Sync Services Engine
    - Fixed issue with ImageIO and the exporting of ISO data
    - Fixed problem with CoreData Framework
    - Fixed issue with iSync and phone conduit
    - Fixed issue with OpenGL Rosetta and DrawBuffersSimple
    - Fixed problem with USB and isoch endpoint
    - Fixed issue with OpenGL and VM_ALLOCATE
    - Fixed issue with CoreImage and exporting
    - Fixed problem with File Manager and FSReadFork/FSWriteFork
    - Fixed issue with Text Services Manager and background documents
    - Fixed issue with CoreAudio where sound may fade in and out in some cases
    - Fixed problem with Smartcard and securityd
    - Fixed issue with X11 Xplugin and 256 color mode
    - Fixed issue with Rosetta and print
    - Fixed problem with dyld
    - Fixed issue with USB Isoc receivers
    - Fixed issue with wake from Sleep and SecurityAgent
    - Fixed issue with Rosetta and cache
    - Fixed issue with Bluetooth and Bluetooth mouse when waking from sleep
    - Fixed issue with ConsoleUser/SecureConsoleUser and IOKit Kernel
    - Fixed issue with 'at' command and system_cmds
    - Fixed onkeyup/onkeydown issue with WebCore Javascript
    - Fixed problem with rsync and extended attributes
    - Fixed issue with NAT-PMP and port mapping
    - Fixed issue where KEV_DL_IF_ATTACHED was not being received by kext
    - Fixed issue with Color Sync and V4 profiles
    - Fixed issue with MSDOS FS
    - Issue where .m4v file extensions may not be recognized has been fixed
    - Fixed issue with copying read-only files Xsan/UFS-backed AFP volumes
    - Fixed issue with DVD Player
    - Fixed problem with Crash Reporter
    - Fixed issue with headset pairing and Bluetooth
    - Fixed issue with incorrect time zones in certain areas
    - Fixed problem with enabling/disabling Bluetooth
    - Fixed issue with rsync and the copying of mod times
    - Fixed problem with .Mac and Sync Services
    - Addressed issue with USB modem recording level
    - Fixed syncing issue with internal and external modem driver
    - Fixed DRON/DROF issue with USB modem
    - Fixed problem where USB modem may not detect busy tone
    - Fixed issue with CFNetwork and network-aware USB devices
    - Fixed issue with Sync Services and Address Book
    - Fixed problem with USBInterfaceOpen and IOUSBLib
    - Fixed issue with QC Engine
    - Fixed problem with Kerberos OpenSSH patch
    - Fixed problem with Open SSH and LaunchDaemon
    - Fixed issue with HLTB Events (Carbon)
    - Fixed issue with HLTB Accessibility (Carbon)
    - Fixed issue with HLTB Control Manager (Carbon)
    - Fixed issue with HLTB Windows (Carbon)
    - Fixed issue with HID and IOKit
    - Fixed problem with PDFKit and MalloGuardEdges
    - Fixed issue with CoreAudio and MIDI files
    - Fixed gssapi-with-mic and Open SSH issue
    - Fixed issue with Unix 'at' command
    - Fixed problem with CUPS
    - Fixed issue with Network Diagnostics and WPA2 encryption
    - Fixed issue where internal modem may not sync with external modem driver
    - Fixed problem with CFNetwork and network-aware USB devices
    - Fixed problem with Apple internal modem and busy tone detection
    - Fixed issue with SMB File Server
    - Fixed problem with IOkit Kernel
    - Fixed issue with connecting a system to display while in Sleep mode
    - Fixed problem with WebCore Javascript and onkeyup/onkeydown event handler
    - Issue where .m4v file extensions may not be recognized has been fixed
    - Fixed issue with File Systems and copying read-only files
    - Fixed issue with Software Update and format string
    - Fixed issue with Universal Access preferences pane
    - Fixed problem with USB Modem and caller ID
    - Fixed problem with Bluetooth and device pairing
    - Fixed issue with CoreGraphics and HID Manager
    - Fixed issue with PDFKit and MallocGuardEdges
    - Issue with Automator Actions and generated text fixed
    - Fixed issue with .Mac and syncing
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    Bzw. um die 72 MB für die PPC-Version, wenn wir auf derselben Quelle lesen ;)

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