Fortsetzung brauche hilfe in englisch #2

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    Hier ein weiterer Text den ich geschrieben habe, oft unterbrochen worden usw. Wäre sehr nett wenn ihr mir denn da mal sortieren könntet und schauen könntet was da für Fehler drinnen sind! Hab noch 4 andere Aufgaben, bitte um Hilfe! :((

    Es geht um Hooky!

    Dear Mr Seppl,

    Online Hooky

    Here some information about the text “Online Hooky”. The PC hey use to access the Internet are company property and are to be used only for job responsibilities. Inappropriate surfing is the most common problem associated with Internet. That statement should be frequently repeated because the employees would forget about it in a while. It is also recommended to install a type of security program to check the Internet traffic. Again, implement a company policy that personal e-mail is strictly interdicted. Also some examples for such software was given such as “Optimal Internet Monitor” form Optimal Networks and “Sequel Net Access Manager”. The Browser from Netscape is able to manage which sites are not allowed to be accessed, which sounds also very helpful for the problem. The other problem apart from misusing the Internet connection for surfing was the checking and sending of private E-Mails and the misaddressing of them. The best solution would be to get a security program that checks and save the identity of the sender and the receiver of an EMail. Highly confidential information should always be sent via encrypted E-Mail because hackers often try to intercept the connection of the big companies and steal information. There exist(s) also programs to stop the hackers and to save the information inside the company. A newsletter to stop the hackers and save the company is known as “HackAlert”. Let me know if I did something wrong and check the enclosed for my detailed information.

    Encl. Article

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