Freeware vs. Commercial Software

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    In der Macaddict, January 2005 waren Vergleiche von Open Source vs. Commercial Software.

    Folgende Programme wurden bewertet:

    OpenOffice vs. MS Office 2004
    Inkscape vs. Adobe Illustrator or Coreldraw
    Cyberduck vs. Panic Transmit
    Scribus vs. Adobe IndesignCS or Quarkxpress
    GNUCash vs. Intuit Quicken 2005
    Jedit vs. Barebones Bbedit 8

    Die Testberichte sind in englisch. Wenn Interesse besteht, kann ich dies mal schnell abtippen....
    Die Testberichte sind allerdings sehr knapp gehalten.
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    Wenn du Zeit hast;
    mach ruhig.
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    hab ich.... also auf gehts...

    GIMP vs. Photoshop CS

    GIMP GNU Image Manipulation Program is a worthy competitor to PhotoshopCS for image editing. It offers many of the same advanced features, such as tools for fixing and enhancing photos, compositing images, converting file formats, and designing documents. It includes painting tools such as brush, pencil, airbrush, and clone, selection tools such as ellipse, marquee, lasso, and magic wand, and manipulation features such as layer support, paths, alpha channels, masking, and multiple undo and redo. It also supports text, channels, plug ins Bezier tools and animation. GIMP intalls directly in X11

    GOOD NEWS Amazingly full featured tool set. Photoshop compatibility. Terrific collection of automated effects.
    BAD NEWS: Initially awkward interface. No direct CMYK mode. Automation more difficult than using Photoshop Actions.

    Open Office vs. MS Office 2004
    The only way to get some business die hards to part with MS Office 2004 is to pry it from their cold, dead fingers. Open, however, provides a compelling alternative for the more open minded. Like Office , Open is a suite of productivity appls that includes Writer (comparable to Word) for word processing, Calc (comparable to Excel) for spreadsheet and chart-marking projects, Impress (comparable to Power Point) for creatign and showcasing multimedia presentations, Draw (no Office equivalent) for making quick sketches and diagrams, and Database User Tools (no Office equivalent) to manage mountains of informations in a database. installs directly in X11

    GOOD NEWS: Strong word processing and spreadsheet capabilities. Compatible with MS Office documents. Easy automation with macros.
    BAD NEWS: Impress is no match for PowerPoint.
    Entourage equivalent is MIA (whatever that is!)

    Inkscap vs. Illustrator or Coreldraw
    Vector graphics are Illustrators bread adn butter, but Inkscape is a raw meaty alternative for those who dont mind getting their hands dirty. Like Illustrator CS and Corel Draw Graphics Site 11, Inkscape lets you create and edit complex Scalable Vector Graphics SVG artwork. It features a bisic tookit and library of shapes, and allows you to make path, add text with kerning and gradients, do pattern fills, and autotrace. You wont find Illustrators advanced text composition controls, lighting effects, or 3D support, but you wont find its price tag either. Use FINK to install in X11

    GOOD NEWS: Powerfull basic tool set. XML based file format offers compatibility with other programs. Clean interface.
    BAD NEWS: No advanced tools. Scarce documentation compared to Illustrator. Buggy

    Teil zwei folgt.......
  4. Taleung

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    Teil zwei....

    Cyberduck vs. Panic Transmit
    Your Mac offers built in FTP capabilities via the Terminal. But you have other FTP options: Transmit rules the roost when it comes to FTP programs, but Cyberduck offers 90 percent of the features for 0 (zero) percent of the cost. Yeah, we know Transmit is technically shareware, but all good Mac addicts pay for their shareware. Like Transmit, Cyberduck allows secure file transfers via SSh< features and FTP browser, and supports multiple connections, drag and drop, Keychain, and rendezvous. Plus, this duck quacks fine in Aqua.

    GOOD NEWS: Supports secure and standard file transfers. Integrates with popular text editors such as BBEdit

    BAD NEWS: Interface is inferior to Transmit.

    Scribus vs. Indesign CS or Quarkxpress
    Commercial software has enjoyed a lockout on professional layout programs for many years, but Scribus is poised to change that. Like InDesign CS and QuarkXPress, Scribus allows you to creatively weave graphics and words to design professional pages for publishing. It features many of the same tools as the big boys, offers vector drawing tools an supports CMYK colors separations, ICC color management, PDF, scripting and more. However, it still has room for improvement, especially regarding text handling: It lacks the ability to import styled text-a must for publishing pros. Use Fink to install in X11

    GOOD NEWS: Familiar tool set. Awesome PDF support.
    BAD NEWS: Font support limited to X11 fonts, Mac fonts unavailable without conversion.

    GNUCASH vs. Intuit Quicken 2005
    Quicken 2005 may be the standard bearer for personal finance on the Mac, but GNU Cash will track your money without demanding that you part with some of it too. Like Quicken, GnuCash features tools to schedule recurring transactions for all your personal needs, set up and keep track of mortgage and loan payments, and handle all facets of small business accounting, including invoicing, customer and vendor tracking, an payments. Us Fink to install in X11.

    GOOD NEWS: Foreign currency support. Easy importing of QIF files. Strong business accounting features
    BAD NEWS: No online banking support. Accounting based structure may be difficult for nonaccountants.

    Jedit vs. Barebones BBedit 8
    Text editors may be a dime a dozen, but only a few qualify as legitimate power apps and jEdit is among them. Like the al stalwart BBEdit, jEdit features syntax highlighting (it imports over 130 file types), keyboard shortcuts for practically everything, unlimited undo and redo, markers, unlimited clipboards, word wrapping, and more. Even better, its Java based code runs right on top of Aqua - no X11 is needed.

    GOOD NEWS: Syntax highlighting for all major code types,. Powerful search and replace capabilities. Optional extensions and support for about any feature.
    BAD NEWS: No AppleScript support.

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