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  1. muehleck

    muehleck New Member

    Lt. den Newstickern gibts es den G5 !!!!!

    Yeah "Worlds fastest PC"!!
  2. Kate

    Kate New Member

    Ich kaufe einen.
  3. Hans Hiebert

    Hans Hiebert New Member

    tja. Wir wissen es ja seit Freitagabend. Ich werd mir auch einen kaufen. Was ich bisschen mager find, dasss die ersten zwei Modelle singel sind. Das Design kennen wir auch schon, ist schon ein paar mal hier aufgetaucht und es ist sehr schön. Die Lautstärke des Lüfters hat mich sehr intressiert! Nur 35db!!! Halb so laut wie der jetztige. Alle alten Programme laufen schneller und die jetzt neu rauskommen sind meisten perfektioniert und laufen umso schneller. Ich kauf mir einen. Am besten ich bestelle ihn schon Morgen. (p.S. werden in amerika im August verkauft)

    P.S. Panther ist auch nicht schlecht auf den ersten Eindruck. In den Verkauf kommt es leider erst am 31 Dezember.
  4. unterwurzacher

    unterwurzacher New Member

    Uhh ist der häßlich....

  5. Kate

    Kate New Member

    passend zum neuen Gehäuse muss es doch auch eine Maus und Tastatur geben.......
  6. Kevin

    Kevin New Member

    Schande, Mann...gibt es wirklich den G5 ?¿?

    Und ich war nicht dabei. Ich kauf mir auch ienen- Worauf warte ich den noch schon so lange :D Ich brauch erstma info´s über den....
  7. OompaLoompa

    OompaLoompa New Member

    Single G5 1.6 GHz, 256MB, 80GB, GeForceFX, US$ 1.999,-

    Singel G5 1.8 GHz, 512MB, 160GB, GeForceFX US$ 2399,-

    Dual G5 2.0 GHz, 512MB, 160GB, Radeon 9600 Pro, US$ 2999,-
  8. OompaLoompa

    OompaLoompa New Member

    AGP 8x



    Serial ATA

    USB 2.0

    FW 800


    Optical Digital Audio

    max 8GB RAM (DDR 400)


    SRALPH New Member

    tja.. und ab nächsten dienstag gibt es dann wieder immer neue updates von display's, maus und dem powerbook, aber diese mac's sind endlich rechner für profis und ich denke, dass sie jeden cent im moment wert sind :)

    somit schafft apple endlich auch leistungsmässig die kehrwende... vor allem nach der selbstbewussten ansage der 3 ghz g5 innerhalb kurzer zeit :)

  10. OompaLoompa

    OompaLoompa New Member

    Gut.. also "3GHz in kurzer Zeit" sehe ich etwas kritisch...

    3GHz in 12 Monaten sind 50% in einem Jahr .. das wirkt etwas mau
  11. Mac-Tweaker

    Mac-Tweaker New Member

    Oberhammer leute, einfach der oberhammer.
    Ouh mann sehen die PC's alt aus daneben.
    So geil. Ich lass mir noch etwas Zeit, denn Betatesten mag ich nicht, und ich habe keine Zeit zum rumbasteln etc... but anyway geilgeilgeil diese Specs.

    PS hier eine logbuch über die Keynote:
  12. OompaLoompa

    OompaLoompa New Member

  13. SRALPH

    SRALPH New Member

    und bis vor kurzem hat auch niemand an einen g5 mit diesen futures geglaubt, aber jetzt ist er endlich raus ;)

  14. Kate

    Kate New Member

    ...ich will nur nicht hoffen, dass Panther diese ganze Rechenleistung gleich wieder "verpulvert". Die neuen Mäzchen scheinen ja recht anspruchsvoll zu sein.

    Schauen wir mal wie der neue Finder so dahinwerkelt, schade dass der im MetallicaHeavyMetal daherkommt...schon wieder hässlicher Kram zum umstricken, naja, wird schon.

    Die Preise sind für den "Kleinen" viel zu happig, ganz oben ist das ein normaler Preis, aber nix für die Normalverbraucher.
  15. OompaLoompa

    OompaLoompa New Member

    Die Apple Seite ist jetzt auch wieder mit allen Features online.. ua Galerie, wo das 15"PB fehlt...
  16. imago

    imago New Member

    demos and benchmarking
    World's Fastest personal computer. Comparing spec tests.
    Shipping in August.

    3 Models:

    1.6GHz $1999
    1.8GHz $2399
    Dual 2GHz $2999

    Enclosures! 9 9 fans! but quieter.
    Single/Dual processors. Up to 8GB Memory. Can talk to mem @ 6.4GB/s. 4x Superdrive in each. Geforce fx5200 in lower, radeon 9600 pro in higher mode.
    System - G5 System Controller - dedicated bandwidth to each subsystem. IBM is fabricating it. 6x faster than G4, 8GB bandwidth, 1processor doesn't slow down the other one. 400mhz DDR memory, AGP 8x Pro, 133mhz PCI-X slots. Hypertransport. Serial ATA. 1.5GB/s bandwidth. independent interfaces to each drive. Rest of the i/o - high performance. optical digital i/o and analog i/o, fw800 ,usb 2.0
    Introduced Dr. Johnny Kelly the 3rd on stage. "very advanced technology"
    This is a new generation architecture.
    Massivly parallel. Up to 250 inflight instructions. -- can be processed at the same time. The G4 can do 16. Floating point "monster". Two fully symetric integer units. massive branch prediction logic.
    fastest front sidebus - ever. designed for dual processor systems.
    We're calling it the G5. It is a 64-bit processor. The first first 64-bit desktop processor. Runs our existing 32-bit apps no problems.
    The Chip - we turned to IBM several years ago.
    We are delivering today - the Worlds Fastest Personal Computer.
    "Premature specifications" - it was a mistake, and it's true.
    3 responses: 1) Can't be true 2) It's true 3) It's great marketing
    One more thing... some of you may have noticed on the net...there was a funny thing that happened last thursday... where specifications were posted.
    Demoing Xcode
    Comparison. Jaguar: 29-some seconds to compile. in Panther 3 seconds.
    "Fix and Continue"
    Predictive compile. Compiles while you are editing! removes half the compiling time.
    Zero link. Linking out of the equation.
    Xcode. GCC 3.3. Fast compiles. can set up to do distributed builds over the net.
    Really nice mounting system. Aluminum body.
    Eyes and Ears of iChat. Remarkable video camera. Full motion video at 30fps, 24bits/pixel. Auto focus. low light. 640x480. bulit in mic. Firewire connector. "iSight cam is the size of a AA battery, at half the length" - usercomment
    Video Camera - called iSight.
    Panther will be $129.
    Included in Panther. $24 for the Final Jaguar version.
    Free beta of iChat. Runs on Jaguar and Panther.
    Al Gore on the iChat cam.
    "It's totally gonna change the way we work".
    Demo of talking to someone in Paris.
    There's a Picture in Picture of you when video conferencing.
    It works with Firewire cameras, camcorders. Demoing it.
    Text, audio and video chats. Zero setup or config. You literally plug in the camera and everything else is done automatically. It tells you exactly what your buddy is setup for (text, audio, video).
    iChat. Now AV. Audio chats. and Video Chats. It's remarkable. Video conferencing for the rest of us.
    Pro font management. Find fonts quickly.
    User switching rotates the full desktop mapped on a cube!
    People cheering in response to demo!
    Fast User Switching - the only feature in Mac OS X that windows beat us. We're going to catchup and beat 'em. Switch between multiple users easily. Demoing...
    In addition to reading PDFs, on the fly postscript->pdf conversion
    Demo of preview... faster than acrobat on the PC, fast searching PDFs
    Preview in Panther is the fastest PDF viewer in the world.
    It's based on wavelet tech. HighDef quality. 48bits/pixel source data. No artifacts. demoing...
    New Quicktime Codec: Studio grade quality on a Personal Computer in history. Pixar requested... called "Pixlets". Super high quality codec for film quality material
    By Popular request, built in Fax in Panther. Fax button on every print panel.
    Demoing new mail
    Addresses are now objects.
    Mail - much improved - uses threads, built in Safari HTML
    File Vault - secures your whole home folder
    Expose: "every window that you have open, from all open applications will make something like a contact sheet or a iphoto page, and you can click on any and ir go go there, so if you have 5 oppen apps, with 3 open windows in each one, you can with a click make something of a page with little pics of all windows, and then click and open the one you want" - one viewer of keynote describing expose
    Uses quartz extreme.
    Demoing Expose! "super nice!!"
    you're on a scavanger hunt.
    shows cluttered window... how do you find that one window you want?
    Next up - new feature called Expose. We've made it so wonderful to use multiple apps at once - that people do. Such beautiful multitasking, etc...
    Ideal for using the iDisk from multiple computers. Keeps the documents in sync.
    When you modify files in your idisk, it is automatically mirrored
    iDisk - .mac with will auto sync with iDisk
    Enhanced iDisk significantly for Panther
    Demoing the new Finder
    Dynamic Network Browser - search for specific servers
    Labels added.
    Action button added - which shows u what you can do with a document
    Fast Searching is now implemented
    New user-centric finder.
    What was wrong with the old finder? The old finder was computer-centric.
    Panther with brand new finder...
    Janguar is dead...
    Now, Mac OS X .... doing really really well.
    Safari SDK (Dev Toolkit) today
    Safari Gold! Today
    "We have so much good stuff for you today..."
    "Good morning... thank you" - steve jobs
    (Apple Store is updating)
    Music is playing...

    Will start at 1pm EST.
  17. Mac-Tweaker

    Mac-Tweaker New Member

    Wieso ist die Qualität immer so schlecht!?!?!
  18. Mac-Tweaker

    Mac-Tweaker New Member

    Naja es geht:

  19. SRALPH

    SRALPH New Member

    ach kate, warum kommst du gleich wieder mit dem preis?

    dies sind powermacs für profis und welcher private user reizt diese maschine denn wirklich zu hause aus?

  20. XYMOS

    XYMOS New Member

    na das will ich auch hoffen ;-))

    leider hat das gehäuse wieder einige schwächen...;_(


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