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  1. quick

    quick New Member

    Ein echter Gigolo, steinreich, kerngesund und einsam! Also, Mädels, meldet Euch und werdet seine Frau! *lol*

    "Dear Girls,
    I am a lonely Asian male who would like to have a girl friend. If you interested, here is my picture on the left. Am I not hot?
    When I was in my Indonesia, I was a gigolo!

    A Professional Dancer or Lover who is hired as a companion by a wealthy Women.

    I will not tell my age, I am very WEALTHY as you can see all the gold I am wearing. They are 100% real and not the cheap ones
    you see many Americans wearing. I drive a 1999 Mercedes Benz S class.
    If you become my woman, I will treat you like a princess! So please
    email me, I will be waiting.

    If you would like to call me, my phone number has been removed due to prank
    calls!!. I live in New York City, Queens.

    Email, please satisfy a lonely man.
    Good Bye my Future woman."

    Wer es nicht glaubt, soll sich die Seite hier im Original anschauen! :
  2. Convenant

    Convenant Haarfestiger

    prank calls... warum nur?!
  3. quick

    quick New Member

    *Wenn Sie mich anrufen möchten, hat meine Telefonnummer an den
    Streichaufrufen gelöschtes gelegen!*

    (a la sherlock)
  4. madcow

    madcow New Member

    Gute Nacht, Googlegott mit dem schwarzen Gürtel und dem Translator-Terminator unterm Bett. Schlaf schön.

    Allen anderen auch gute Nacht.

  5. quick

    quick New Member

    schöner schlaf ...

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