Grillparty - der ultimative Autothread (mit Photos)

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  1. gratefulmac

    gratefulmac New Member

    MacUser sind Ästheten und natürlich große Autofreunde.

    Ein paar Schnappschüsse aus dem Meilenwerk in Berlin sollen der Unterhaltung, der Anregung und der Kurzweil dienen.

    Wer mag, soll neugierig schauen;
    alle anderen wenden sich ab von diesem Ort.

    (Danke bus für den Tip)
  2. aoxomoxoa

    aoxomoxoa New Member

    wow .... schöööööönnnn !!!
  3. rollercoaster

    rollercoaster New Member

    nix für ungut:

    Stutz History

    When the checkered flag dropped at the end of the Indianapolis 500-mile race in 1911 it was a Marmon that took the prize. One by one the other cars followed, and in eleventh place came a brand new machine. Just built, barely tested, it ran its first race without a pit stop except for fuel and tires. On the sidelines the designer of this rugged racer smiled with pleasure. He had not expected to win the race; he only wanted to prove the dependability of his car. He proved it, and the public bought the various road versions of the racer so eagerly that production could barely keep up with the demand.

    Harry C. Stutz was the designer, one of the greatest American automotive engineers, who also had a flair for names and slogans. He capitalized on the performance of, his car by inventing a slogan: "The Car That Made Good in. a Day." It was true and also unique. No other new car before or since had ever entranced the public after one race. For the young designer it was a brilliant step forward.

    Like Ford, Stutz was a farm boy with a mechanical flair, but he went Ford one better by building his first car when he was only twentyone. Like so many other backyard inventors, Stutz started with an old buggy which he equipped with a homemade engine and chain drive. This first Stutz also demonstrated his flair for imaginative names. He called it Old Hickory. That was in 1897, but the youthful car builder did not follow up his success immediately. He decided to learn everything about automobiles and methodically went from job to job with various firms. He worked for a tire corporation, a carburetor company, and transmission firm. By 1905 Stutz was ready to produce another car. It was a neat, ground hugging roadster with a wildly improbable title: American Underslung. The chassis hung below the axles, giving the car amazing stability and allowing a perfectly straight drive shaft to the rear axle. This was designing of a high order and many years were to pass before other engineers began to develop similar systems.

    Mir persönlich gefällt der Healey 100 am besten
    hier eine Nahaufnahme:
  4. Convenant

    Convenant Haarfestiger

  5. aoxomoxoa

    aoxomoxoa New Member

    ich habs nicht gewagt.
  6. gratefulmac

    gratefulmac New Member

    Danke für die Info.

    Ich hatte nur dieses Blatt zur Verfügung.
  7. rollercoaster

    rollercoaster New Member

    Man tut was man kann.... auch wenn's ein gefährlicher Berlin-thread ist.....:D
  8. p.i.t.

    p.i.t. Ural-Silber

    also entwender verstehst du nichts von fotografieren oder deine kamera hat ein problem!!!

    die bilder sind alle scheisse - auf keinem einzigen ist ein mac-user, ein mac oder ein apfel zu sehen!!!

    *duckundweg* :party: :embar: ;) :cool:
  9. rollercoaster

    rollercoaster New Member


    egoshooter: bitte weitergehen :cool:
  10. gratefulmac

    gratefulmac New Member

    >>die bilder sind alle scheisse - auf keinem einzigen ist ein mac-user, ein mac oder ein apfel zu sehen!!!

    Wenn du meinst.

  11. p.i.t.

    p.i.t. Ural-Silber

    mann, grate, die bilder sind absolut heiss! ist halt wieder ein berliner thread, wo fotos gezeigt werden. irgendjemand musste das einfach bringen...

    nicht böse sein!
  12. ekaat

    ekaat ich bin auf dem sofa

    schöne bilder schöne autos!
  13. Borbarad

    Borbarad New Member

    AC Cobra..goiiiillllllllllllllll :sabber: :sabber: :sabber: :sabber: :sabber: :sabber: :sabber:

  14. baumpaul

    baumpaul New Member

  15. gratefulmac

    gratefulmac New Member

    Na bei einigen Streetfighterfotos juckts mich schon noch...

    ...aber das wäre Wahnsinn.
    Die Teile gönn ich der Jugend zum Dodfahren.

    sind das Geschosse

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