grüner Jaguar im Dezember

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    November 22, 2002 - Wednesday, Apple provided developers with a pre-release seed of the next minor update to Mac OS X, version 10.2.3. The 10.2.3 update, expected for release in December, is also known within Apple as "Jaguar Green." (Version 10.2.1 was "Red," while 10.2.2 was "Blue.")

    The build number attached to the seed was 6G14.

    Surprisingly, the company included a brief listing of changes in a read me file. Documentation says that major updates have been made to graphics, printing, and AppleScript, with other updates to video, Core Audio, High Level Toolbox, Carbon, FireWire, and USB. "Please test against those areas in particular," developers were instructed.

    The last update, version 10.2.2, was released via Software Update earlier in the month. Along with the usual round of system updates, 10.2.2 included a new feature -- support for a journaled HFS file

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