How do i unbake a cake?

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  1. pewe2000

    pewe2000 New Member

    Put it back in the oven, set it to the negative of whatever you baked it at, such as –325 degrees, and leave it in for the same amount of time you baked it for. It has to be exact! If you unbake it too much the flour may turn into wheat and the eggs will turn into a chicken. Don’t ask me how.

  2. batrat

    batrat Wolpertinger

    Ist das aus den Lebenserfahrungen eines Haschkuchenbäckers ? :biggrin:
  3. McDil

    McDil Gast

    Ist doch eigentlich ganz witzig, find' ich!

    Viele ähnliche Anleitungen ließen sich finden!

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