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  1. spike1

    spike1 New Member

    Hallo Gemeinde
    kann mir jemand sagen für was das i bei diversen Appleprodukten steht?
  2. RPep

    RPep New Member

    Klingt einfach nur cool!

    Sonst nix.

    Viele Grüße

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    iStation (Logic3)
    iBM ThinkPad T42 :)
    iAirport Extreme :)
  3. Rotweinfreund

    Rotweinfreund + Jevers Liebhaber

    das i stand beim ersten iMac für Internet, weil man innerhalb 10 min nach dem Auspacken surfen konnte.
    Mittlerweile ist es praktisch für Apple ein Markenzeichen, das von vielen Firmen kopiert wird.
  4. RPep

    RPep New Member

    Und warum wird's kopiert?

    Weil's cool klingt. Sonst nix.

    Sag ich doch!

    Aber Du hast natürlich recht: das i kommt von Internet:

    Quelle: http://www.aci.com.pl/mwichary/computerhistory/articles/macintosh20yearslater

    #14. iMac
    This image can be zoomed#14. iMac
    In 1998 Apple revisited and updated the ideas that stood behind the original Macintosh, and which somehow seemed to get lost over time. The end result was “the Macintosh of the Internet era” which earned a quite logical and appropriate name iMac.

    iMac was advertised as the fastest and most user-friendly way to get connected to the Internet (“Step 1: plug in, step 2: get connected, step 3: there’s no step 3!”), but most of its power laid in its looks – iMac’s translucent, colourful, one-piece case was a welcome departure from legions of similarly looking gray machines. Similarly to its counterpart from 1984, most of the people could describe iMac using only one word, “cute.” Again the standard configuration had everything the user would ever need, and again it attracted many people without any previous computer experience – being probably the first machine they weren’t afraid of.

    iMac quickly became the best-selling Macintosh, and in many regions of the world the best-selling computer ever. It helped Apple Computer to get out of financial trouble, and reestablish company’s position as the leader in computer hardware design.

    The fruitful collaboration with designer Jonathan Ive extended to other products, such as similarly beautiful and colourful iBook and PowerMac. The iMac itself was revamped every half year, further editions bringing new colour schemes, convection cooling (no fan!), consumer-first onboard FireWire, and new mouse and keyboard.

    However, the biggest change came in January 2002, when Apple announced completely new iMac with a “desk lamp” design. During the launch, Steve Jobs proclaimed that “the CRT is officially dead” and demonstrated the easily rotating and moving flat-panel screen, attached to the small base housing an entire computer. Once again, the innovative new design influenced and amazed, but both iMacs (as well as many other attempts) failed to increase Apple’s diminishing market share.

    It might seem that even twenty years after its birth, Macintosh still bears the unfortunate label of a computer “for the rest of us.” But even if in today’s PC/Windows-driven world Macs might seem slightly overpriced, funny looking machines for typesetters and designers, we shouldn’t forget that ultimately it was this little beige box that made our everyday’s contact with computers a lot easier. And all that because “on a particularly bright day in Cupertino, California, some particularly bright engineers had a particularly bright idea: wouldn’t it make more sense to teach computers about people, instead of teaching people about computers?”

    So, thank God for the bright days in California.
    Viele Grüße

    P.S.: Achja und Macinthosh ist eine Apfelsorte, allerdings falsch geschrieben McIntosh müsste es heissen, man hat aber die falsche Schreibweise durchgehalten (was auch schicker aussieht :)
  5. robi666

    robi666 New Member

    den golf gtI gab es aber schon vor dem Imac
    oder war das nur bei mir so?
  6. Max.Renn

    Max.Renn Anti-Besserwisser

  7. verdun_de

    verdun_de & verdüne

    ne ne

    dann wäre es ein iGolf GTI gewesen

    der ein Golf iGT

    sonst nix cool
  8. MK-P66

    MK-P66 Waschechter Applefan

    Oder steht es einfach nur für "intelligent"?

    Wäre jedenfalls auch ne schicke Begründung :D



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