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    Ab heute wird es losgehen, mit den Gerüchten.
    Den MiniiPod las Gerücht gabe es schon vor dem Fest.
    Jetzt wird es aber Handfest:

    Die iBox kommt.



    Exclusive Insider Information: Apple iBox in production.
    Published: 2003-12-31 07:00:00

    We just recently received information from a alleged member of a testing program at Apple.

    MacOSX.com isn't in the business of spreading rumors, nor do we wish to put ourselves into harms way, but we felt this is news worthy. We are trying to find out as much as we can. More on this if we get it, here you go:

    The Apple iBox is a project that, in one form or another, the company has been working on for years. The prototypes for the first set top mac are still found on eBay today. Little is known about these, but I do know some interesting things about what's now called the iBox.

    The iBox has a small, sleek encasement that is about 10 inches long, 6 inches wide and 1 - 1 1/2 inches thick. Its optical drive is slot loading and it has an on button that resembles the cube's power "button." Its case is made of the same material found on the G5, even sports the same grey logo on the top. The front, or face, of the iBox is pearl white, similar to an iPod.

    What does it do?

    The iBox plugs into your TV and acts as a hub for your digital devices and computers. Unlike the EyeTV from Elgato, the iBox is a standalone machine, not something to plug into an existing computer. The iBox can be scheduled to record TV, but unlike TiVos it does not serve as a "what's on and when" service rather a hard drive / media based recording device (new aged VCR). With its built in 802.11b & 802.11g from its AirPort Extreme card, one can access the home folders of any user on any wirelessly networked Mac or PC. The iBox has its own version of the popular iPhoto and iTunes software which is a welcoming plus to Mac OS 10 veterans and easy for Windows users to adopt as well.

    The iBox has a built in hard drive meaning it can be used as a network's hub for homes or offices which would like to share photos, music, or other files. Not only does it act as a hub which can connect wirelessly or by Ethernet, it also calls upon its hard drive to record live TV. The iBox has its own on-screen set up and scheduler, but you also have the option of setting the iBox remotely.


    This app is quite the little powerhouse. It allows the user to schedule the recording time without being in front of their TV. This is beneficial for the obvious convenience of not leaving your Mac to go fiddle with the TV, but also because it does not interrupt anyone whom may be watching TV at the time. The other great thing about iBoxRemote is it can be used off the iBoxs residing network. You can log into your iBox at work or anywhere on the go and remotely set date, time and channel to make sure you don't miss an episode of your favorite TV show.

    iBoxRemote also serves as an interface for watching live TV on your computer. Additionally, it lets you watch TV (or dvd's that are in the iBox) in full screen or in a resizable window.

    As well as being able to watch live TV, you can watch your archived TV shows on your home computer. This is very simple to do because the iBox can be mounted as a drive on your computer.

    SuperDrive in a iBox

    The iBox has a built in SuperDrive which means you can now play CDs, burn CDs, play DVDs, and burn DVDs right from your TV. Apple has included a special iDVD like app to make your burned DVD's professional feeling. There are numerous bundled templates that make organizing episodes a breeze.

    iPhoto iBox style

    The iPhoto that Apple bundles with the iBox is a lighter version of what we have on our Macs today. Despite the "mini" version of iPhoto many major features do remain the same, such as organizing photos into albums or rolls. You can use your iBox to store your pictures too -- all you need to do is plug in your digital camera and hit the on-screen upload button. It can also create slide shows and lets you make and purchase photo albums. The photo album process has been given more options such as different album themes (similar to the themes of iDVD and Keynote where there are backgrounds and other cute things), and even a more detailed album preview. One of the slide show options is to view the show in a book form (which sport the new themes). I'd think this might be some kind of hint of things we'll get in the next update of iPhoto or iLife.

    iTunes on the iBox

    Not much is changed from the popular iTunes in desktop form. Some of the controls and interface elements have been altered to make navigating (throughout the whole system) easy with the iBox remote control. You can have friends over and have them plug in their iPods and listen to their tunes over your home stereo (but just like on your mac, you can not rip their songs to the iBox hard drive). Any Mac or PC on the network that has iTunes installed can share music with the iBox. You also can play everyone's iTunes music as well as others being able to play the music from the iBox. Apple has made sure to include the iTunes Music Store for the iBox.

    iBox Specs

    The specs have changed many times but I am unaware if this means different models of the iBox or if updates occurred. The following specs are based on the model I had. I try to note what has changed from the demo units to the units I've last seen.

    Processor: 500 MHz G3 (while the most recent revision/model I've seen has the 900 MHz PowerPC 750fx which was the last processor put in the G3 iBooks, with the same 512k L2 and everything).
    Ram: 128MB built in, and no empty slot to upgrade.
    Storage: 120 gig
    1 FireWire 400
    2 USB 2.0
    10/100 Ethernet port... (there is no 56K or similar telephone jack)
    Standard RCA in and out for video and audio, and S-Video support. There has been some confusion on who produced the card for this, but there have been multiple sources Apple has looked to including Techno Trend, Elgato, and Heuris, among others.
    Optical Drive: SuperDrive
    AirPort Extreme
    Built in Bluetooth - (something similar to what Jonas Salling has made will be offered as a download soon after the announcement. I haven't a phone with bluetooth to test it, but other testers have been fiddling around with a phone controlled remote for the iBox.)

    There is also a small square that is removable which is for some kind of upgrade/expansion spot. I have (nor do any of the other testers) no clue what this is for, besides maybe a possible ram upgrade.

    The iBox will be sold along side TiVos and DVD players and burners. Apple is trying to open its markets and has made many alliances due to the iPod. iPods are found in Targets, BestBuy's, and many other stores that don't normally carry Apple items. This has been vital for Apple's growth in product distribution and opening once-closed doors to future stocking of Apple products.

    Although the iBox could be announced on the 6th, it would not be suprising if its shipping date was delayed a few more months for further testing. The iBox will be sold in a $395-$595 range depending on storage configurations.
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    So ein Ding würde ich mir sofort kaufen.

    Suche eh schon lange einen ausweg der Videokassetten.

    Hoffe nur diese iBox unterstützt mein 5.1 Kanal Sounsystem und den Digitalen Beamer.

    Schön wärs, wenn die iBox sich mit dem mac abgleichen würde (iTunes,iPhoto und Filme)

    Dann könnte man auf dem Mac fernseh schauen.
    Frag mich nur, ob die Airport Extreme verbindung ein gutes DVD-Bild hergibt.

    Lassen wir uns überraschen.
  3. gratefulmac

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    Wenn mich mein rudimentäres Englisch nicht narrt, ist das ein kabellos vernetzbarer Harddisk-Videorecorder mit eingebautem DVD-Brenner.
    Das wär doch mal was. Zumindest die Home-User können sich darüber freuen.
    Da kommt es wohl nur noch auf den Preis an. Ich schätze mal knapp 1000 €.

  5. gratefulmac

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    Bei den oben angeführten Dollarpreisen sollte es bei der Hälfte liegen.

    Beim derzeitigen Eurohoch eigentlich noch niedriger.
  6. graphitto

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    Shit, hab ich doch glatt die Preise überlesen.

    Hast recht, sollte dann unter 500 Euronen liegen. Wenn das wahr werden würde, hätte ich einen Grund mehr zum sparen. :cool:

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    na da dürfen wir ja gespannt sein....

    hatte neulich ein prospekt einer elektronik-kette (oder warens die "techno-seiten" einer zeitschrift) in der hand - im weihnachtsstress habs ich aber frühzeitig entsorgt -und dummerweise nur kurz überflogen (weil eh keine kohle zum erwerb - und eigentlich [noch] kein bedarf...

    jedenfalls wurde dort ein "ding"/gerät angeboten bzw. vorgestellt, dass so ein multimedia-center - oder was auch immer sein soll - für zuhause - vom tv auf den computer und umgekehrt: dvd, mp3 etc. etc. das "ding" würde samt software/betriebssystem geliefert.

    die screenshots hatten eine verdammte ähnlichkeit mit iTunes (die ganzen buttons, die listendarstellung)... sicher kopiert - oder "reiner" zufall... ODER ????

    so - und jetzt leg ich mich hin... wurde irgendwie "früh" heute! ;-) und bin alles andere als fit!

    ein gutes neues jahr!
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    Wenn man den direkt mit der TV -Buchse verbinden könnte, sollte man sich die nächste Glotze sparen können und Programme mit nem 30" ansehen können.

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    iBox ?

    Freut mich zu sehen, daß die MacGemeinde auch im neuen Jahr nicht ihren Humor verloren hat und immer für ein Spässeken gut ist.

    iBox - LOL.
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    .... mein Englisch zu schlecht (im Prinzip nicht vorhanden), grates Text zu lang (und davon reichlich): kann mir deshalb auch aus deinen Andeutungen keinen Reim machen.
    Ist das was Brauchbares oder nur wieder so ein Yuppie- Tünnef?

  11. gratefulmac

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    Das scheint so brauchbar zu sein, dass WoSoft das Teil im Hardbrett schon zerlegen will. ;-))
  12. nanoloop

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    Wenn ich den Preis 'mal umrechne, wäre ich an einigen Einzelteilen auch interessiert.
  13. gratefulmac

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