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  1. hal9000

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    hi macwelt forum,

    will meine address book einträge für ein filofax ausdrucken. dazu möchte ich idress oder eine software mit gleicher funktion verwenden. der download von idress funktioniert nicht mehr.
    kann mir jemand die software zusenden? oder weiss ein anderes produkt mit gleicher funktion???
    wäre super!!

  2. hidden_surfer

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    "cwasags" <cwasags[at]> wrote:

    > I was wondering if anyone out there has the application idress they
    > would be willing to share!!! I am a fairly new mac user, who LOVED
    > this program, however... being new... somehow in adding it to my doc,
    > lost the alias AND EMPTIED MY TRASH!!! It is gone forever. The site
    > no longer provides the free download, and even though I bought it- I
    > CANNOT USE IT!!! I do lots of invitations, and this REALLY was one of
    > the only programs that worked well for me!!!

    I don't have it, but it looks like its features are now built in to the
    Address Book application on Mac OS X (at least on 10.4, not sure about
    earlier versions). Address Book's printing options include a whole
    bunch of standard address label sizes. Check it out, it might do what
    you need.

    Quelle: Tom Harrington from the Mac Usenet has spoken this words (2006/04/03)

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