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  1. Nahum

    Nahum New Member

    habe Schwierigkeiten mit Imovie o9. Gibt es irgendwo ein vernünftiges Handbuch???
    Augenblicklich quaäle ich mich der Frage, wie ich die Funktion "fade in " und "fade out" bei der Tonpur finde---wenn diese Funktion vorhanden ist.

    Danke für jeden Tipp
  2. TomPo

    TomPo Active Member

    Im Apple-Support fand ich diese kleinen Postings im Discussions-Forum. Vielleicht hilft dir das schon mal fürs erste weiter:

    These are only suggestions, not fixes, that I tried myself.
    If you wish you can try them too.

    Reset your Audio Fade-In and Fade-out in the Inspector/Audio.
    To do so, select your audio track in your project (yellow around the track)
    Double click it to open Inspector
    Set your Audio Fade-in/out to a different value than the default (i.e. 1:00)
    If you still hear no Fade-out, I think it might be your mp3, the way you originated and how you saved it.

    There used to be a trick, constantly quoted by Sue D in threads about earlier versions of iMovie, whereby audio problems within iMovie were instantly fixed by just opening GarageBand and playing a few notes there, then closing the program.

    That forced a change of audio sampling rate in a Mac to 44.1KHz. Maybe that's what's happened with your files: just starting GarageBand and tinkering a bit there has reset your audio to the correct format.

    (..I know that audio for video is generally recorded at 48KHz (or 32KHz), but this trick of changing the Mac's general audio handling to 44.1KHz fixes many problems within the iMovie editor.)

    So you may find that before starting any new edit, or after restarting your Mac, or before any iMovie session, just starting GB and playing a few notes and quitting it will fix audio problems for that entire iMovie session.

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