iPhone ab Herbst schon in Europa?

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    Tja, da hat gerade erst Foxconn seine Order erfuellt und schon ist Quantas hintendran mit demselben Produkt, nur anders verpackt fuer uns Europaer?

    It appears that Apple will be selling a different “second-generation” version of the iPhone in non-US markets, according to reports in the Chinese-language Taiwanese Commercial Times and Economic Daily News.

    Citing “industry sources”, the newspapers reported that this new iPhone would be manufactured by Quanta Computer, a major Taiwanese contract manufacturer. The newspapers reported that an initial order of 5 million units would be due for delivery in September, which would make sense, since the iPhone is schedule for launch in Europe late this year.

    In response to these reports, Quanta issued a strangely worded statement:

    “Quanta and Apple are building a tighter than ever relationships. Quanta not only manufactures NB and iPod for Apple, but also may have receive the order to make the second generation of the Apple iPhone. iPhone is a smartphone based mobile, and the second generation model shipment is expected in September 2007 with forecast of 5 million units in 2008.”

    Yes, Quanta does say 5 million units during 2008, rather than 5 million units for delivery in September, as reported by Commercial Times and Economic Daily News.

    The company also went on to say that:

    “It is important for the Company to gain new business to sustain growth and development. However, the Company would like to reiterate that as general business conduct, the Company will not comment on specific customer,order or any types of confidential information. All business remains solid and strong as planned.”

    In reality, the statement doesn’t confirm or deny the order, but it does use the term “second-generation iPhone”.

    But don’t get too excited, if the newspaper reports are to be believed, the only difference between this “second-generation” iPhone, and the one being made by current iPhone manufacturer Foxconn/Hon Hai for the US market (due for launch in June), is that the “outer design” might be different.

    I suspect that what Quanta actually meant to say was something like “second version”, rather than ”second generation”.

    Still that hasn’t stopped the blogosphere from erupting in “second-generation” iPhone rumors.

    http://tech.blorge.com/Structure: /2007/05/29/quanta-hints-at-second-generation-iphone/

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