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  1. perot

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    Ok, wir alle haben Steve Jobbs Preview auf "iTV" gesehen. Ob er uns nur die halbe Wahrheit erzählt hat....?

    Ich denke, dass diese Set-Box vorallem in Hinsicht auf das "iPhone" eine grosse Rolle spielen wird. Ähnlich wie in Sony's und Sony Ericsson's "LocationFree" Lösung, wird die Kombi iTV und iPhone das streamen von multi-media Daten (incl. TV, DVD, Videos, Photos und natürlich Musik) auf das Handy ermöglichen. Das ganze funzt allerdings nur mit einem high-speed Mobilfunk Netzwerk (z.b 3G basierend auf HSDPA - bis zu 3.6Mbps). Ausserdem wird Apple eine "fixed-mobile convergence" lösung für iTMS anbieten, d.h. Songs die over-the-air aufs Handy gedownloaded wurden, können in die iTunes Library auf dem Computer importiert werden und andersherum (vergleiche Au's "Lismo" in Japan). Ausserdem wird die Kommunikation mit dem iPhone tief mit dem neuen iChat verbunden sein: Textmessages, IM, Video Telefonie...

    So, genug der Spekulationen (oder Träumerei?)... wer möchte sich mit einreihen?
  2. MK-P66

    MK-P66 Waschechter Applefan

    Keine Ahnung was HSDPA ist :) *einreih* aber denke, das macht er oft: nur die Hälfte sagen. Und ehrlich gesagt, finde ich das gut. Warum immer Kopiervorlagen liefern?

    Ich find seine Keynotes sehr gut aufgebaut, um mal abzuschweifen.

    Ansonsten lass ich mich immer gern überraschen. Das einzige Mal, dass ich bisher ganz hibbelig war, das war, als ich auf den Farb-iPod gewartet habe. Hab ihn auch am nächsten Tag gleich bestellt. :)

    Das nächste Mal wird wohl sein, wenn ich das Geld für das MBP zusammen habe. Dann warte ich auf das nächste Prozessor-Upgrade und Leopard :)

  3. perot

    perot New Member

    Diese Pressemitteilung von Oxy Systems bestärkt meine Vermutung. Dieser neue Service hat zwar nichts mit Apple zu tun, doch bestätigt er, dass das mobile streamen von Multi-Media Daten, die auf dem Heim-Computer gespeichert sind, möglich ist. In diesem Fall, wenn ich es richtig lese, sogar ohne extra Hardware zuhause.



    Oxy Systems Unveils phling! Mobile Music and Social Networking Service

    New Service Enables Mobile Operators to Drive Average Revenue Per User by Providing Their Subscribers with a Fun and Addictive Way to Listen to, Discover and Share Music

    2007 International CES
    CAMBRIDGE, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Oxy Systems, Inc., a leading developer of mobile music and social networking services, today unveiled phling!®, a hosted, mobile music and social networking service. phling! dramatically enhances mobile operator data services by providing their teen and young adult subscribers with an easy way to listen to, discover, and share music stored on their home PCs.

    phling! lets mobile operators provide teen and young adult subscribers with a fun and addictive music listening experience that taps into their need to remain connected to their media and friends. Users connect their mobile phone to their home PC over the operator’s cellular network, where they can view and play music tracks and podcasts from their own media collection. They can also connect with others in the phling! community by browsing their profiles, music libraries, and music ratings.

    Once members of the phling! community, users can share the music in their libraries with up to six friends. By doing so, these friends can listen to each other’s music. The social networking capabilities of the service help users find others with similar tastes in music and a bulletin board feature lets them read and leave messages for their friends.

    Unlike other music community services currently available, phling! is the first one to be completely wireless. With phling!, users no longer need to connect their phones via cable to their PCs to sideload music. Instead, subscribers can listen to their music by wirelessly streaming these files to their handsets. An added benefit of listening to music in this manner is that subscribers no longer need additional storage capability on their handsets. Plus, if a subscriber ever loses their handset, they can easily reconnect their new phone to the phling! service without worrying about losing their music or photo files.

    “Most handsets have limited storage capacities, which is a restraining factor for mobile music adoption. phling! addresses this issue by allowing customers to listen to their music by wirelessly streaming these files to their handsets,” says Julien Blin, research analyst in IDC's Wireless and Mobile Communications program. “As the mobile community, mobile music and mobile user-generated content and services markets continue to grow, Oxy Systems is well positioned to take advantage of this anticipated growth through phling!, which combines key features to succeed in those respective markets.”

    Currently available as a bundled application for deployment within mobile carrier networks worldwide, phling! encourages the discovery of new music and friends within the phling! community. Since phling! can integrate with operators’ own digital music stores, the service can help drive music sales, while dramatically increasing the average revenue per user (ARPU) and reducing subscriber churn rate.

    “A recent report on mobile phone and MP3 usage from Continental Research found that a growing number of consumers are listening to music on their cell phones, challenging the future growth of iPod sales. With online social networking and digital music being two of the most used forms of entertainment technology by teens and young adults, phling! presents mobile operators with a tremendous opportunity to take advantage of this trend” stated Mike Krasner, president and CEO, Oxy Systems, Inc. “phling! pairs these technologies together into a fun mobile service that satisfies the need for teens and young adults to ‘stay connected’ in a highly entertaining, social environment, while driving music download revenue and overall ARPU for carriers.”

    “The mobile music market is nearing an inflection point and the phling! service is a unique way for consumers to access and share music files,” commented Piper Jaffray Managing Director and Senior Research Analyst Gene Munster. “Additionally, as mobile operators continue to try to find news ways to differentiate their services, phling! provides a compelling new offering.”

    For two years, Oxy Systems has conducted in-depth research with panels of mobile users between the age of 16 and 29 to determine their key interests in mobile music and social networking services. Oxy Systems’ executives also worked closely with mobile operators in testing the company’s services to ensure that what is being delivered to the market today meets their needs. Oxy Systems has taken great care to integrate the feedback received from both the carriers and the user panels in what it is making available today in phling!

    For further information on phling! and how to make it available to your subscribers, please see: http://www.oxysys.com or email info@oxysys.com.

    Editors Note: OxySystems will be attending the International CES conference (January 8-11, 2007) in Las Vegas, Nevada, and will demonstrate phling! in room #68642 of the Sands Convention Center. To schedule a demonstration and briefing with OxySystems’ executives, please contact Peter Gorman of Topaz Partners at +1 781-404-2430, or via email at pgorman@TopazPartners.com.

    About Oxy Systems and phling!®

    Oxy Systems’ phling! is a mobile music social networking data service that taps into the youth, teen, and young adults’ need to remain connected to all of their media and friends when mobile. Users connect wirelessly to their home PC where they can view, play, and rate music tracks and podcasts from their own media collection. They connect with others in the phling! community by browsing their profiles, music libraries, and music ratings. For further information about the service, please visit http://www.phling.com.

    Oxy Systems is a privately held software company and the leader in developing services that bring together mobile music and social networking to create an enhanced mobile experience for today’s wireless service subscriber. Founded in 2003, Oxy Systems has its headquarters in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and a European office in Switzerland. For further information, please visit Oxy Systems at http://www.oxysys.com.

    phling! is a registered trademark of Oxy Systems Inc.

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