Is Bill Gates a Scientologist ?

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  1. maiden

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    by Werner Tiki Küstenmacher; found in PC Professionell 12/95, p.290, translated by me

    It was only a matter of time that the idea would come up that Bill Gates is a member of the Scientology cult. This is a silly twisting of the facts. Ron Hubbard, the legendary cult founder, was nothing more than one of the first cyborgs, which the very young E.T. alias Bill Gates built in his garage and programmed in GW-BASIC. This explains also the BASIC-like thinking of the group. If someone looks at the almost non-existant facial expressions of Scientologists Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman or Priscilla Presley, he will involuntarly be reminded of the design of a 8080 processor. No wonder that the logical deepness of the movement still hasn't reached beyond 8 bit.

  2. BassTee

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    but coming along with this is this inescapable fact that a bezillion people will follow the cult as they did with bill gates and only the true believers, will be able to avoid the swirl of destruction and the pack of lies.


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