iTunes Europe erst nächstes Jahr?

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  1. p.i.t.

    p.i.t. Ural-Silber

    Quelle: Macrumors:

    «The most recent hints from Apple about the European version of their iTunes Music Store have placed its launch in 2004, based on comments from Steve Jobs after Apple Expo Paris.

    And indeed, according to new information, Apple and the Record Labels are targetting May of 2004 as the current goal for the launch of the European iTunes Music Store.

    As previously hinted, regional distribution legal issues have been complicating matters, and appear to account for the delay in deploying in the European market.»

    Noch so lang :-(
  2. apoc7

    apoc7 New Member

    Sei froh, wenn es überhaupt kommt...
  3. ks23

    ks23 Ohne Lobby

    Nothing new. War zu erwarten. Sind wir froh, dass er überhaupt kommt ;)

    Spart schon mal, dann machen wir Apple die Drähte heiß und sorgen für gute Publicity :D

    Freu mich schon

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