iVisit OS X V. 2.8xa3

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    s launch when double clicked (text is not yet blue/underscored)
    8. Fixed remote (guest) windows disappearing when maximize button is pressed
    9. Copy/Paste into AV window fixed
    10. CTRL Quit fixed
    11. New Icons throughout
    12. OSX Installer package

    There are still a number of known bugs:

    1. The Lucent audio codec (default in other versions of iVisit) is still not available. You will need to ask others to choose the 16 or 32 kbps codecs in order for you to hear their audio.
    2. Outgoing audio quality still not that great.
    3. File recording/playback is not available.
    4. URL's are not hilited but are clickable.
    5. There is an issue with file selection which effects both attaching texts and playing back/saving ivf files - this will be fixed in a future release.
    6. This version has only been tested on the
    Jaguar release, and may have more serious problems on earlier releases of OSX, especially with audio.

    This is ALPHA software, that has not been tested on a wide range of systems. Please use at your own risk.

    Please report any problems here.


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