iVMP 2.6.4

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  1. Tambo

    Tambo New Member

    was für alle Tigeristen:

    • Added feature to create new catalogs with the results of user defined Spotlight™ queries on 10.4 (Mac)

    für den Rest:
    a. highlighting Organize panel entries on media selection;
    b. issues when removing user fields;
    c. drag-and-drop on 10.4 (Mac), and other.

    • Added preview support for Olympus ORF (E-300).
    • Added utility scripts to improve annotation editing using CSV text.
    • Improved PDF rendering issues with files containing rotated bitmaps (Mac only).
    • Fixed reported issue with disappearing labels.
    • Slide show corrections:

    a. First slide is always random (if running in random mode);
    b. Slide show keeps running until all images have been displayed once (in random mode).

    • Fixed issues with NEF files with corrupt annotation directories.
    • Improved rendering of images with transparencies (TIFF, PNG, Photoshop formats).

    QT 7 wird empfohlen....
  2. MacELCH

    MacELCH New Member

    Danke, am saugen.

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