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    t Devastate! Don't Lose that Job to a Failed Drug Test!


    Call gelöscht (operator 100) for more information.

    There are many websites out there that sell "Marijuana Alternatives" and other drug alternatives. Go ahead and check them out before you order from us. Look at the ingredients that they are made of (if they dare to tell you), and you will see that you can buy them from almost any nutrition type store. Some of their mixtures are VERY HARMFUL.

    Our herbs are of a VERY HIGH quality and they are the safest mixtures on the planet, while being the most POTENT you can buy LEGALLY.

    Check out Money Saving Special Offers at the end of this letter.

    STONEY MAHONEY [Cannabis/Marijuana Option] 2 oz. for $80.00 -- 4 oz. for $135.00.

    This is a VERY POTENT, loose-leaf formula that can be rolled, bowled, brewed or smoked with a pipe. FREE pipe included.

    Ingredients: Half-edged Lily-rare Bian Lian (lobeline factors), Kona Lactuca virosa, Yucatan Turnera aphrodisaca, Hawaiian Vervain (Maui strain), Siberian Leonorus Sibricus, rare Lotus Leaf, Jamaican Blue Verbena officinalis, Spanish Peumus Crocus Sativa, Chinese (flowering-tops only) Horny Goat Weed, Ginko Biloba, African Cola Vera, and African Wilde Dagga (flowering-tops only). Stoney Mahoney does not include any tobacco or any cannabis factors.

    KATHMANDU TEMPLE KIFF [Cannabis/Marijuana Option] 0.75 oz. brick for $70.00 -- 2 oz. brick -- $120.00

    This is a Solid Hashish Formatted Smoking Blend. To be pipe smoked -- a single pinch goes a long way. Some people mix Stoney Mahoney and Kathmandu Temple Kiff to make the ultimate "Temple Ball" for a very RARE kind of smoka! Comes with a FREE pipe!

    Ingredients: Extreme ratio extractments ranging from 8.5 to 1, to 100 to 1 viripotent concentrations. Drachasha, Chavana Prash, Trikatu, Black Seed Herb, Hybrid Flowering Turnera Diffusa, Capillaris Herba, Angelica Root, Wild Dagga mature leaf matter, Haritaki, Shatavari, Labdunum, Neroli, Unicorn Root, Papaver Rhoes, Dendrobian stems, Calea Zacalechichi buddings, Rue, Amla, Salvia Divinorum, Crocus Sativa, Lotus and Gokshura cuttings.

    AQUEOUS KATHMANDU HAPPY DROPS [Cannabis/Marijuana Option] 2 oz. dropper bottle -- $120.00

    A breakthrough! Liquid Alternative for the Non-Smoker. Just put several drops under the tongue or into a small glass of juice. 70+ servings.

    Ingredients: Includes the following quantum-ratio, core-extracted and refined botanicals in an alcohol base as a preservative: Albizzia flower-tops, Drachsha, Chavana Prash, Lactuca Virosa, Hybrid Flowering Turnera Diffusa, Wild Dagga, Capillaris Herba, Angelica Root, Zizyphi Spinosae, Buplerum, Hybrid Valeriana officinalis Root, Albizzia flower-tops, mature Polygonum Vine, Calea Zacatechichi, Crocus Sativa flower-tops, Leonorus Sibricus buds, Cinnabris, Margarita herba, Biotae Orientalis, Salviae Miltiorrhizae.

    HARMONY SNOOT [Cocaine/Meth Option] -- $95.00

    An inhalant powder designed to help end cocaine and methamphetamine dependencies. Very psychologically uplifting, very mood-enhancing, very "body-mind-spirit" energizing. This product is non-invasive! Just a little "Row" is all you need. Comes in a 3 dry oz. bottle (well over 600 servings). -- includes glass snooter.

    Ingredients: Indian L. (Malva-branca) (unique concentrate containing 0.8% natural, lecularly stable, standardized ephedrine alkoloids; 8 mg. per gram), rare Chinese Chai Hu concentrate & Ye Jiao Teng concentrate & Yuan Zhi concentrate and L-Carnosine.


    Enjoy all four (4) of our products above for a deep discounted price of just $210.00 (SAVE $205.00 off regular price.)


    2 oz. Stoney Mahoney and a 2.0 oz. bar of Kathmandu Temple Kiff for just $140.00 (SAVE $60.00 off regular price.)

    Both Intro Offers include a pipe and a personal brass hookah.

    TO ORDER or for MORE INFO please call gelöscht (operator 100) M-F 10am - 8pm (Mountain time). Saturday 12 noon - 5pm. All orders shipped next day via U.S. Priority Mail.

    Please add $7.00 S&H to all orders. All credit cards accepted.

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    Das sind zwar etwas teure, aber ganz gewöhnliche Räucherstäbchen.
    Werden ua. auch in der katholischen Kirche verwendet.

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