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    D-Vision v1.2

    Encoding many files successively ...

    You can now encoder many files one after one : set your encoding options and click on "Apply". Instead of clicking on "Encode", you have to open the bottom drawer and clik on the "+" button which is in the bottom drawer (button "M"). Repeat this procedure for all the files you want to encode and click on the button "Apply" (in the drawer) and after, on the button "Begin". The encoding of all your files will begin ...

    You could see in the box "info" the number of encoding which ffmpeg has still to encode.

    Set a recording time ...

    You can now set the recording time : open the "Advanced opion" drawer (button "O"), check the box "encode xx sec of movie" and set the time you want in the field (in second).

    nettes tool um divx zumachen,ich glaube das koennte mal was sein.



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