Lösung für das 4x Brennproblem im iBook

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    Wie vermutlich bekannt brennt das Combodrive im iBook 800 nicht mit 16x wies solle, sondern fast nur in 4x. Hier hat ein Poster in Apples Forum die Lösung:

    I found that my ibook burned the first time @ 16X then intermittently @ only 1-4X and on occasion 16X. I HAVE FOUND A SOLUTION!!! It sounds funny but it Works 98% of the time! Here it is. Right after you insert a blank CD-R in your drive lift up your ibook and tilt it 90 degrees to the left so the CD-RW drive door is facing strait up. You will hear the drive spool up (the longer it spools up the the higher the burn speed) after it has winded down, set the ibook back down and you will be able to burn @ 16X the maximum speed!! P.S. my drive is the Sony CRX 16X max CD-RW-DVD March 2003.

    (und hier meine Antwort:

    Oh boy, thats fun indeed. In a very long time staying with Mac and this forum, I cant remember to be laughing that much. That really is a good one! We should make a commercial out of it "How to burn CDs full speed with an iBook". (Please Apple dont delete this message - no offense...)


    Selten so gelacht... :D

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