Mail für Quick?

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  1. maccie

    maccie New Member

    Heute in meinem Postkasten

    »My Dear,
    I remember it. Do you?
    It is as if only mere seconds have passed since then.
    I want to have sex with you once again.
    I bought a webcam, you can find me at this link...
    ..what about a strip for you?
    I know that you want, but you have to be quick!
    I don't know when he will come back.

    Love, Debby«

    :rolleyes: :klimper:
  2. grufti

    grufti New Member

    Hat sich auf meinem Arbeitsplatz zusammengeläppert, weil du mich grad an quick erinnerst...

    So so, die Debby das falsche Luder schreibt dir also die gleichen Briefe wie mir. Die kriegt jetzt aber was zu hören, kann ich dir sagen. Aus, Schluss, vorbei! Ich lass mich doch von so einer nicht einfach zum Deppen machen!

  3. Macmacfriend

    Macmacfriend Active Member

    Habt ihr einen Blauwal im Firmenklo hocken? Das Monster-Spermium hat was. :wink:
  4. grufti

    grufti New Member

    Ach, das ist gar keine Schlange? :)
    Der einzige Wal den wir hier haben, ist der Chef und der ist ein Ochs.
  5. Macmacfriend

    Macmacfriend Active Member

    Arme Schweine, deine Esel! Bei so einem Ochsen haben die ja gar keine Wa(h)l. :wink:
  6. quick

    quick New Member

    We apologize for any inconvenience or disappointment and are listing a number of excellent resources for teens and parents about sex and sexuality at the bottom of this page. _ This was a difficult decision reached after months of contemplation and we realize that many people will be unhappy about it. _ Many sites shut down across the Internet every day, usually due to poor response or not being able to turn a profit, but this is not the case with All About Sex. _ On the contrary, the success and popularity of this site since 1997 has been nothing short of phenomenal and we appreciate all the positive sentiment - it should be clear to any sex educator or parent familiar with this site that kids want and need open, honest and non-judgmental answers to their sex and sexuality-related questions, and that if such a forum is provided to them, they will flourish with it and ask questions they wouldn't be comfortable asking anywhere else. _ Rather than the days when talking about sex was only done in whispers and biology class, today's kids have so many more options for exploring the subject of sex, and, frankly, their own sexual interests. _ When AAS started, there was only one other site that had anything positive to say to kids about sex, but now there are many, many sites with excellent, open and honest information about sex.


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