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    Hier, für diejenigen, welchen es wie mir ergeht und die Tastenkürzel für den MPlayer nicht gefunden haben (sind in den man-pages versteckt):

    MPlayer has a fully configurable, command driven, control
    layer which allow you to control MPlayer using keyboard,
    mouse, joystick or remote control (using lirc).
    The default configuration file for the input system is
    ~/.mplayer/input.conf but it can be overriden using the
    -input conf option.
    These keys may/may not work, depending on your video out-
    put driver.

    general control
    <- and -> seek backward/forward 10
    up and down seek backward/forward 1
    pgup and pgdown seek backward/forward 10
    < and > backward/forward in playlist
    HOME and END go to next/previous playtree
    entry in the parent list
    INS and DEL go to next/previous alterna-
    tive source (asx playlist
    p / SPACE pause movie (any key unpaus-
    q / ESC stop playing and quit
    + and - adjust audio delay by +/-
    0.1 second
    / and * decrease/increase volume
    9 and 0 decrease/increase volume
    m mute sound
    f toggle fullscreen
    w and e decrease/increase panscan
    o toggle between OSD states:
    none / seek / seek+timer
    d toggle frame dropping
    v toggle subtitle visibility
    j switch subtitle language
    z and x adjust subtitle delay by +/-
    0.1 second
    r and t adjust subtitle position

    (The following keys are valid only when using
    -vo xv or -vo [vesa|fbdev]:vidix or -vo xvidix
    -vo (x)mga or -vc divxds (slow).)

    1 and 2 adjust contrast
    3 and 4 adjust brightness
    5 and 6 adjust hue
    7 and 8 adjust saturation

    GUI keyboard control
    ENTER start playing
    s stop playing
    a about
    l load file
    c skin browser
    p toggle playlist

    TV input control
    h and k select previous/next channel
    n change norm
    u change channel list

    DVDNAV input control
    K,J,H,L browse up/down/left/right
    M jump to main menu
    S select

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