Neue Power Macs kommen!!!

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  1. Borbarad

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    Hab das hier von / :

    "Apple Readies New PowerMac Motherboards For Production

    Late Thursday, MacWhispers learned that an Apple OEM assembly partner has placed a new motherboard design out for bid with at least two Taiwanese circuit board contractors. Our source within one of these contractors has been surprisingly forthcoming in his report.

    What we have been told is that a set of CAD files detailing what "appears to be a final design for a pair of completely new motherboards" was given to at least two contractors this week for review and production price bidding. The deadline for bid responses is said to be March 28th.

    Our source states that these designs "are obviously for new PowerMacs," and that "the architecture of the boards looks to be totally different" from existing models. We were told that this price bidding activity typically indicates a finalized product being readied for production, and that this point in the process usually precedes actual production by 3 to 4 months."

    Das sieht doch sehr nach dem PowerPC 970 aus, oder?

  2. oli2000

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    Habe mir heute auch Readieschen gekauft, aus Italien.

    Schon seltsam, erst zieht MacWhispers den Schwanz ein, weil sie so oft daneben lagen mit ihren Prophezeiungen  und kündigt an, sich aus diesem Biz zurückziehen zu wollen. Und dann folgt eine Meldung der nächsten.

    Mal sehen!

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