neuer oxford firewire chip?

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  1. maz

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    das habe ich bei google gefunden (nur im archiv - die seite ist entweder down oder tot)

    Friday, March 23rd, 2001

    Next Generation Oxford FireWire Bridge Chip To Hit 45MB/s
    by Staff

    Featuring a 32-bit ARM processing and 512kb of integrated flash memory, a new FireWire to ATA / ATAPI (IDE) bridge chip from Oxford Semiconductor may provide storage peripheral manufacturers with the fastest means yet to transfer data from personal computers via FireWire.

    The new chip should assure sustained data transfer rate of up to 45MB/s.

    The second generation OXFW911 device and a Physical Interface Device (PHY), offers a two-chip, single firmware interface between ATA and 1394 ports. The high speed performance overcomes any potential bottleneck associated with ATA/1394 interfacing.

    Peripherals to take advantage of the high data transfer capability would include smart-cable or tailgate interface applications for removable-media and hard disk drives, compact flash card readers, CD-ROM, CD-RW and DVD-RAM products.

    With the FireWire peripheral market exploding and demand for speeds approaching the promise of the original FireWire specification becoming louder, Oxford says they are offering the fastest solution on the market.

    The OXFW911 bridge chip is ATA100 compliant, and fully supports Ultra DMA mode 5 and corresponding data transfer rate of 35MB/s used in existing drive and operating systems. By removing the possibility of visible dropped frames, video editing in particular will benefit from the new chip. Next generation storage devices will also be improved by the FW911s maximum 45MB/s transfer rate capacity.

    The board is able to handle two IDE storage devices simultaneously, providing a solution for RAID products. It also supports combination drive applications and the demands of digital convergence projects. The OXFW911 features an integral hardware ORB co-processor to accelerate ORB to ATAPI command translation.

    The FireWire to IDE interface chip is intended to be easily designed-in, with support for the SBP-2 standard and, backed by generic drivers of all the popular operating systems, including Windows, MacOS and Linux. A full suite of design support tools and development board is also available for the new bridge chip.

    meine 60 gb im icecube fw gehäuse werden bald wieder voll sein und ich wollte ein neues kaufen (jetzt gibt es ja welche mit firewire und usb/usb2.0)
    sollte der neue chip aber bald rauskommen....
    ich hab aber ausser auf dieser page, nirgedwo infos darüber gefunden

    weiß jemand mehr?
  2. morty

    morty New Member

    gelesen hatte ich auch schon darüber, aber wann sie lieferbar sein wird ... no chance

    was hast Du alles da drauf, das Du die Andere auch schon voll hast ?
    könntest auch nen DVd Recorder kaufen und alles wegbrennen

    gruß morty

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