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  1. droffen

    droffen New Member

    Laut Versionstracker gibt es ein neues Update für VPC5.
    Die Seite von Connectix scheint aber überlastet zu sein.
    Hat jemand sich das Update schon ziehen können. Welche Vorteile bringt es?
  2. TAOG

    TAOG New Member

    Saugen konnte ich es auch ncoh nciht. Wird wohl überlastet sein :(

    Vorteile stehen erstens doch gut beschrieben bei veriontracker. aber sonst kann ich nix zu sagen.
  3. Napfekarl

    Napfekarl Napfkuchen-Erfinder

    What's new in this version:
    Password Protection and Security
    * Sockets-Based Shared Networking
    * Advanced COM Port Settings
    * CPU Usage Controls
    * "Type CTRL-ALT-DEL" Menu Item
    * Long Filename Support for Shared Folders
    * Improved Printing Help and Printer Icon in Virtual PC Toolbar
    * Fixed bug that caused occasional issues with Windows XP installation and stability.
    * Fixed component in the Virtual PC Additions that caused instability in the network provider DLL in Windows XP. This had caused hangs during the initial boot of the Windows XP Home and Professional OS Packs as well as the Windows XP Home image that shipped with Virtual PC 5.0.
    * Modified USB code for isochronous devices (such as webcams).
    * Fixed issues related to sleeping and waking machines with Virtual PC running in full-screen mode.
    * Fixed issues with sleeping and waking a machine with multiple monitors running Virtual PC.
    * Various fixes to try to avoid stuttering when playing sounds in a PC in Mac OS X.
    * Various fixes in Virtual PC for AppleScript compatibility.
    * Fix crashing bug when the user does not have USB installed in their system under Mac OS 9 and they restore a saved state. This bug could cause a Beige G3 to crash on restore.
    * Fixed a synchronization issue that would cause rare random crashes on multi-processor machines.
    * Fixed a problem in the serial port emulation that could cause a rare crash.
    * Added a fix to avoid the "Another copy of Virtual PC is already running on this machine" dialog when Virtual PC was re-launched after a crash.

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  4. TAOG

    TAOG New Member

    abwarten solltest du auf deutsche version junger padawan....

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